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Full Version: Yesterday marked a tragic moment in comedy
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One of the greatest comedians in history, Rodney Dangerfeild, died yesterday at the age of 82.

I didn't hear the news till today (Astrid woke me up in the middle of the night, but I don't remember that). I was at work and it was anounced over the radio. I took a 5 min. break to have a cigarette and shed a few tears in his memory.

The news on his death.
I know. :/ I was pretty choked up, myself, when I found out, and I usually couldn't care less about the deaths of celebrities.

Upon walking by the TV last night, I heard something akin to "Rodney Dangerfield died earlier today," and I couldn't believe it -- I thought I misheard something. So I started looking for information on google, and nothing came up about his death. Then I began to ask Dive and my friend, Robin, if either of them have heard something of the matter. Dive gave me a link to a CNN article that confirmed the event, and a melancholy aftermath set in. They'd better honor him on Comedy Central by showing a marathon of his stand-up and movies.

It's funny. Just earlier that day, a friend and I were discussing how amusing it'd be if he was cast as the Blob, just to find out he died that very day. It's almost ironic. He was one of my absolute favorite comedians and actors, and I'll always remember him with a chuckle, which is exactly how a comic genius like him would have preferred it, I would imagine. Here's to his memory living on. toast.gif
I still find it hard to believe it happned. . it really got to me yesterday, it hurt so bad, I been a fan of his for years

Can't stop these kind of things though. .
Man, I always loved Rodney Dangerfield's comedy as well. It's a real shame he is gone now.

No respect, no respect.

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Sad to see the man go, but he's probably hanging with Bob Hope right now.
I shall take some time to watch caddie shack during my week off. Twas my favorite of his movies.
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