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Full Version: ATTN: New members
Apocalypse Tribe HQ > Headquarters > Meeting Room
well, with the surge of new members here at ATHQ, I would like to know exactly whom of you plan on joining our Guild, and what others just wish to be a part of our community and take part in our forums, so if your a new member please post your intentions.

Well, now that I've reactivated my Hunter's License and ordered a keyboard adaptor (thanks 'Rinn ^_^), I'd love to meet up with all of you. I really think you guys have a great community here and I'd gladly join your ranks.
I will be renewing my Hl soon so i look forward to joining (that is if you want me beigeroll.gif )
Clay, I know we've talked about it already but I figured I'd state it here as well. I want in. =D
Well I really do like being a lone wolf but, it would be good to have backup when hunting rappys and what not. Those lillys can be annoying. Know what I mean.

This always confused me..i play/played a lot with some of you guys(Rinn,Crush,Lish..etc) and i thought joining this forum would kinda make me part of the group...? what else do we need to do to join this "clan"...? guns.gif
Riel I sent you a PM concerning this. Sorry for the confusion. As for the rest of you, thanks for your interest in AT, you will recieve a PM soon detailing everything you need to know. I know some of you have been in contact already, just sit tight. we will work everything out.
Ah ok Dive,cool thanks man. buttrock.gif
well as I said in other posts, Im back online and Ive pmed Dive before,

Still dont know if im in or not... heh...
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