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Full Version: Lao-Shan Lung
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Having just beaten him recently, hunter rank13 is mine! mwahaha

Anyway, this is quite a memorable fight
35 minutes of delaying this thing is insane, i did it from the gunner perspective and i used full stack of normal lv2, piercing lv1&2, crag lv1 x2 (had a friend carry extra) and that barely phased it.

the music during the entirity is very epic

and a funny little hint: if you can jump on his back you can carve scales and lg bones off of him.

now i just need 12 firestone to make the fire dragonsword >.<

Though, one thing disturbs me. You're HR13 and I have never seen you online... as with you, I wonder about some of the others that posted that they have the game and I've yet to see any of them either. I don't get it. Are you peeps avoiding us on purpose?

The only people I ever see on are Dive, Donkey, Riel, Zio and SaitoH as well as a few others from Voodoo Moose.

All I'm saying is that I'd like to meet up and play with all of you guys. I'm not a big fan of joining up with random peeps. And since you post here, I'd like to think you would try to join up with us online anyhow. beigebigrazz.gif
Haha grats but theres only one dragon that kinda scares me and thats Kirian >_> I bought out all the monster info from the shops (offline & on) and the last one you get so far is No. 28 (about 1000z I think) and it pretty much talks about there is a dragon that is very rarely seen and gives off a light blue aura and it has a big "?" for the picture...I wanna see a pic to see how big it is @_@
The last book you really get is No.29, which is Lao Shan Lung (maybe there's more but who knows).
I'm guessing this is the new monster that was added in the current version of Monster Hunter.
I know some of you are approaching the lao fight.
i wanna help~ ^.^

i have yet to actually kill him, but have drove him off 4 times
I can explain what to do whenever its decided to go fight him.

so yeah, lets get you guys hr13 so you can join in on the wonders
of Hard mode! *gasp* and if needbe i can get some people whom know what they're doing for this

btw need to be rank 9 and up to particpate in the battle.
only hunter rank 5 atm, i play saturdays because its the only time i get really, but, sincere world, blue land, area A or area O, usually A though
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