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Full Version: Not sure what effect this will have here, but...
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A friend of mine sent me and a few other friends an MP3 from this game he has been playing recently. I can't stop listening to this song. It's one of the best I've heard so far. Care to take a stab which game it's from?
Ahh, good ol' J-Pop. Haha, it's been a while since I've heard any of that.

Thanks for the listen. I have no idea what it's from. ;p I'm gonna guess some anime or another.
Nope, but good try though...
I'll wait a few more days before revealing the source.

"I can Fly! You can Fly! We can Fly!"
heh heh It's a great song but I have no idea where it is from beigelaugh.gif
Guess I'll let the cat out of the bag now...
The song is the main theme from Super Robot Wars Alpha 2 on the PS2. Don't try looking for this in the stores, as none of these games have ever made it stateside in the past 11 or 12 years. Bandai would have to own the licenses to every anime series involved.
The only one that would stand a chance of localization is Original Generation on the GBA. All original charas in that game; nary a Gundam or Mazinger in sight.
The GBA game "Zone of the Enders: Fist of Mars" is the exact same type of game though. The battlefield map and graphics even look the same! The battles have some weird target thing going on, though, and the game in general is kinda boring and easy.
cant get anything to come up, just a blank screen and no music hangsmiley.gif
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