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Full Version: Diablo II: Item request
Apocalypse Tribe HQ > Diversions > Entertainment
if any of you should come across some mana stealing rings (#% mana stolen per hit) can you please hook me up? It's for a combo I have with my PLD.
Well, there's that skull I gave you (Andariel was most generous, no?). I'm sure that'll help some. I'll keep my eye out.
Not a problem. If I see any mana-absorption items, I'll send them your way.
The JadeDragon
I have a Manald Heal ring, which is one of the best mana stealing rings in the game, but you guys are all USEast, while my Barb is USWest. So I'm sorry I can't help ya Dorian, but it's most def a ring you should keep an eye out for.


BTW these are the stats on a Manald heal ring...

4-7% Mana stolen per hit(% is random)
+20 Life
Replenish Life +7
Regen Mana 20%
Lvl 15 to equip
Does it have to be a ring? I'm pretty sure I saw something in one of my banks that stole mana.


Yeah it's a bow, I'll show you next time in game if you want it.
Need it to be a ring or amulet. So I don't ever have to get rid of them for better equip
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