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Full Version: Diablo II Best Game of All Time
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Funny, just last night I got my issue of Game Informer (I"m a sucker for magazines). As I was flippin thru it, I saw that they had a small article about it being the best game of all time! Every month they do a little column about totally great games from the past. Doom, Mario Bros, and other genre defining games have all been written about. I just thought it was funny that right as we all get into a game that is like 4 years old, I see it written up in a "All Time Best" article.
Mmmm irony, I bet it's a sign. pirate.gif

Right now it is the best game for me, cause hell, it's fun. beigelaugh.gif
Glad to see you guys enjoy it so much, wait till we get to act 5, so much shit to do in the level. Also, for those who have played and beaten the game before, there is a new quest that none of us have done. It'll be hella fun to be clueless together.
Hell yeah! Finally a game that can bring us together without the use of fancy hardware or a monthly fee. Diablo II rocks! buttrock.gif
I'd been looking for a game my girlfriend and I could play together that was 56k-friendly and didn't require heavy-duty hardware. Then you all started playing D2, then it hit me.
I'm glad you were able to get your girlfriend to come along DE.
The CowLevel should be the only level in this game.

Too bad I lost the CD's to this game, I have the key just no CD beigebigrazz.gif

game itself wasn't too bad, it mostly just for the mass group killings, getting rare stuff isn't really hard once you've done at least one playthrough of the game.
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