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Full Version: Current Act for our levels
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Ok, seems a lot of us are now in the. . 12-15ish range? With that in mind, that means most of us have beaten act 1, now we're all at the first quest for act II, or around that area.

Now, a few of us had in mind, that we keep our characters that we'll use for big AT games, at that level. So all of us can enjoy goin through the games storyline, step by step.

Not that doesn't mean we can't play together despite our levels differences, oh no way, this is just so we can experiance the games story together.

Right now I have an alternate level 15 necro suited for that job, he just started act II. If you miss out on a night where we party, no worries, we'll catch you up no problemo.

So anyone up for a lil' desert hijinks in act II tonight? beigebiggrin.gif (Maybe get everyone their horadric cubes)

What time? Work tomorrow cry2.gif
This is a great idea. We just gotta make sure we keep everyone posted on the progress of the group party so in case someone misses a night, they know where to catch up to.
Sounds fantastic. I doubt I'll be able to make tonight, since I'm already extremely tired. How about tomorrow? :D BTW, thanks to Mute and Retehi for helping my amazon out last night.
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