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Full Version: Diablo II
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xCamulus, Paladin, level 20sih

Just finished ACT2 QUEST1 and started ACT2 QUEST2.

Got my Cube, made some gems, it's all good.
I got my necro Razeres to level 17, pretty much finished the same quests with Dor.

Level 27 druid Retehi is my main, need to fight Mephisto now in act III.
My druid still sits at 15, whilst my assassin is at 46 right now, and still needs to finish quest 1 of act 1 in nightmare.
Completed quest one of act two on FieryRogue with Mute's amazon last night, and got the cube. Thank you, Mute and Retehi, for your assistance in both quests on both my characters. With that said, when is everyone up for tackling the next quests? If anyone's falling behind, we'll be glad to catch you up. Andariel fight, anyone? >:D
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