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Full Version: Monster Hunting it up
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My ghetto ass finally got DSL up and running, thus I'm Monster Hunter capable now. So, I'm asking the fellow tribe(those who play the game a majority of the time or as their main game); how is it going?

Since some of you had the game for awhile, is it worth jumping in?
Yea or Nay!?!
I may be on in about 10-15 minutes or so.
I haven't played it much the past week due to a busy schedule but I plan to get back into it as soon as I can. I would recommend it to anyone interested in gameplay similiar to PSO, with more of an emphasis on teamwork. The game has a bit of a steep learning curve as the controls are different than your average action game and all blocking, dodging, and attack movements are manual. There are no classes per say, as any character can equip every weapon, and are encouraged to keep a mini armory of weapons and armor combos. The only support comes in the form of the Gunner's ammunition. Recovery and stat boosting Shells greatly enhance a team's success rate. There is no stat progression like a usual game of this type, you gain bonuses and defense rates through whatever armor you equip.

The gameplay sounds simple but it is quite compelling and something you will not master in a short time. Some of the Wyvern battles I have fought with Mute, Donkey, Zio, Riel, SaitoH, and others is some of the most intense edge of your seat gameplay I have experienced. Tracking a Wyvern across numerous zones and trapping it with pitfalls and Barrel bombs is a blast. The battles are different every time.

Convinced? beigebiggrin.gif

Edit: How could I leave out crafting items? Basically every thing you will use in this game can and will be crafted. From your healing Potions to your Cluster Shells, you will need to gather the necessary ingredients and combine them to make your items. Same goes for armor and weapons. Just killed Rathalos? Take those Rathalos Shells and Scales to the Armory and the Craftsman will forge you a new piece of armor or upgrade/create a weapon.
Dive pretty much summed up how I feel about the game.

However there are a few cons. And these are mainly based on the communications sytem in the game. There is no "mail" system like in PSO, so it can be very difficult to get ahold of people if they are on a quest. Also, if someone is on one server, they won't show up on your search if you are on the other server. This can be somewhat annoying because the Tribe plays on the lowkey server, and if no one is online, it can be hard to find a decent group of random peeps to game with while waiting for your friends. Also, you can't access the friend list while on a mission. So if you were to go do some gathering while waiting for people to come online, you wouldn't be able to check your friend list.

The game kicks ass though. I've taken a bit of a break from it to play some Diablo II with Retehi since he just got that game. Not to mention the fact that most people log off by the time I get home from work on the weekdays. beigebigrazz.gif

I think if anyone gives it enough time to learn the game, they'll find it highly enjoyable. I know many of us here are testaments to that. beigebiggrin.gif
Sounds pretty nifty. I was talking to DJ about this online and the whole tracking a Wyvern across zones gives it a true "hunter-esque" feeling. I'll be picking this up soon.
I just logged off after a hard night of killing Diablos and he still hasn't given me his jaw. Damn his stupid, black heart!


Anyway, I definitely love this game and am just about ready for my rank 13 urgent. Which means super-sized, dragon killing, fun.

Make sure to try to come on this weekend guys. World of Warcraft is only a few weeks away and that means my Monster Hunter time is dwindling.


Heh, sorry I couldnt make it on the other night. I was at my friends and had to get back home to get some work done. I should be able to get on tonight (if my friend and I don't drive down to Game Crazy to play Donkey Konga for like 3 hours or until they kick us out bazooka.gif). Hopefully I can get rank 9 tonight so I may be able to take part in the HR13 Lao-Shan quest. Although once Nintendo DS gets out in stores I'm callnig off most PS2 and GCN games.
well, this game atm is apparently my main squeeze, i play it with Alleron often online, and it def. keeps ya busy!
QUOTE (Wiruu @ Oct 22 2004, 06:18 AM)
well, this game atm is apparently my main squeeze, i play it with Alleron often online, and it def. keeps ya busy!

Haha yeah I played with you guys a few weekends back. Thing is you guys wimped out early on me though =p
heh, only reason i wimped out on that particular night, was so tired from a work shift, next time will be dif. ;D
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