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Full Version: Guild Wars Event
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This game could be fun,i played a few days a while back in Alpha stage...this could be like Diablo but with a bigger group...check it out. teleport.gif
I'm downloading and installing it now...

Can you give us some impressions of what its like? I know its made by ex-Blizzard employees, but beyond that I have no idea what the actual game is like.
What i remember most his the combat is in real time,like with bows and stuff,environnements where pretty good as well...magic was almost absent and i had a Warrior type character that's about was also very hard then but i think it will be very much quest driven.It also looks like an easy game to solo if you want to go that way.
Started playing a bit this morning before heading to work and the game looks awesome,the graphics are great also and i only have a PIII-800 with a GFTI4600,128mb and you don't need to pre-order to play this weekend.
I'll start playing this today, and see how I find it, I guess.
i dig it! nice and fast paced, too bad it ends on sunday =(

Definitely the first online rpg i enjoyed, great for soloing, you can just party up with NPCs and go do missions, ggs!
leave your guys' names on here whoever plays we should hook up and slay some baddies.

name: Over Dog

nice soundtrack too, reminds me of morrowind.

Also: it takes like 10-20 mins max to download and get setup. you basically download the initial game which seems like 5-10 mbs and then when you connect to the server it downloads the map that you are currently on, so another 5 mbs or so, it loads nice and quick for anyone wondering if this was some 300mb+ beta.
it's not. plus free!
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