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Ok, I know that with: school, PSO, work, PSO, family obligations, & PSO; there isn't a whole lot of time left over for other pursuits. But, since reading for pleasure is one of my passtimes, I'm curious as to whether there are other book worm peeps here, and if so, whats on the current menu? beigelaugh.gif

For those that are interested, my books du jour are:

All Tomorrow's Parties by William Gibson - Future, cyber, coolness. shades.gif
The Death of Sleep by Anne McCaffrey (and some loser) - Typical Sci-Fi fare.

Oh, and true geek that I am, I consider comic books as literature, so comics count too!

Titles I'm currently picking up:

Marvel's X-Statix (the new incarnation of the now defunct X-Force)
DC's Filth (Grant Morrison beigesmile.gif )
I stopped reading comic books like six or seven years ago... i really didn't like the way marvel was going... towards the end i read mostly Image titles, due to the fact most of my favorite artists (Lee, silvestri)migrated over from marvel... *shrug* some other favorites were the dark horse "aliens" titles, including the AvP ones. heh

if i posted more of my art, you would probably see similarities in my drawing, and inking styles to the comic book genre.
Well, nothing is on the "current menu" for me right now...

One of my all time favorite series from the past is the Ender series by Orson Scott Card. The first novel, Ender's Game, is especially good. Probably my favorite book of all time. Two of my PSO characters' names, Syfte and Valentine, are taken from that series.
I used to buy comics on a weekly basis. I had a number of titles that I just had to have every month. These included Uncanny X-Men, X-men, The Inhumans, anything by Frank Miller, Alan Moore, and a few Image and Dark Horse titles. Lately I only pick up a few issues here and there if I have a chance to get to the comic store. Some titles include..

Planetary by Warren Ellis and John Cassidy published by DC/Wildstorm. The so called "Archaeologists of the Impossible", who research strange happenings in their universe. The series in a whole is an homage to all other genres and books. In one issue they travel to "Island Zero" where they encounter huge carcasses of beasts reminiscent of Godzilla, Mothra etc. In a continuing storyline they are investigating the mysterious "Four Voyagers", who traveled to outer space in the 60's and were mutated by radiation there, not unlike the "Fantastic Four". I reccommend this for some great parody and insight into the comic and literary worlds.

Hellblazer created by Alan Moore and Steve Bissette published by DC/Vertigo. This quote from The Ultimate Hellblazer Index sums it up. John Constantine is the most intriguing character in comics today. Created by comics legend Alan Moore in 1985, Constantine is a working-class mage, a thief, a con-artist, former punk, and savior of the known universe. Constantine is by turns a total bastard, a drunk, a trickster, an adrenaline junkie, a womanizer, and sometimes, when no one is looking, a nice guy. He has no superpowers, only a sharp wit, a little bit of magic, and a reputation Alister Crowley would envy.

Birds of Prey originally written by Chuck Dixon published by DC. Another great title that has spun off from Batman. Barbara Gordon was the first Batgirl until she was attacked and shot by the Joker. Today she is known only as Oracle. A high tech wizard who serves as an intelligence contact to Batman, The Justice League and others. Together with Dinah Lance, The Black Canary they form the Birds Of Prey.

There are a few more but I try to get these when I can.
Hmm yea for a minute their I only read Image comic books, Mainly "Warlands","echo",and "spawn the dark ages" also 2 great ones I forgot where the "banished Knights" series from warlands and one of the greates comics I ever read was Shidima. Probally the only marvel series I liked where the Spider man series and the wolverine series. I also heard that new wolverine series had a new jpns illistrater giving it all a new look. Well that was a long time ago dont really remember now as I stopped collecting comics.

One of my favorite books was an autobigraphy by Bruce Lee, buttrock.gif forgot the name of it. But very eye opening

and a book I read in high school the "outsiders" and "1986"hmm think it called "1984" forgot the name.
Old topic farmin!

I never read. I don't have the attention span for it. But, for some reason, I got the first Myst book and really liked it. Yes, Myst, the game... balbalbla... So after I finished the first one, I picked up the second, and then the third and final one. They were all really good, and a really easy read. Very visual. One of the brothers, who did the game, wrote the books with tthe help of another author. I guess I would classfy them as sci-fi but only because the main characters have the ability to create worlds and travel to them, but they are all really just mystery and righting-a-wrong type books. Still, I would recommend the series to anyone.
~i would love to replay the 1st Myst in 3D; the original was a stellar game.. =D unfortunately, i haven't gotten around to acquire it yet.. =. well, in regards to what books i read - my sphere revolves around fantasy, occult & manga..

fantasy includes:
ad&D, Mage: the Ascension, Dragonlance (chronicles, legends & tales) & Forgotten Realms..

occult includes:
books regarding ancient civilizations, clear quartz crystals, magic & archaic philosophies of old..

manga includes:
Record of Lodoss War, Oh My Goddess, Ranma 1/2, Magic Knight Rayearth, 3x3 Eyes & more.. ;p
As of lately I have really been sticking my nose into alot of books. But one book which I finished reading is called "The Enemy Within" written by Micheal Savage.
This book has really open my eyes to the cloth that has been pulled over my eyes by our society and really renewed my faith in my christian religion. This book has pretty much given me an epihany and really showed me what I want to do in life.

Basically is a book wrtten by and independent conservative thinker who exposes one of the biggest terrorist and enemy facing this country today. Etreme liberalism. He is a talk radio host and has really coloful background. It is truely an interesting and I recommend that any red blood American who is concerned with the state of affairs of this country should read.
As for books, I just finished reading the Dreamland Chronicles by William Mark Simmons. The story may seem familar to .hack fans, a virtual game world, thats suffering from an unknown anomaly.

and for manga, I suggest Lupin the Third and Ghost in the Shell 2: Man Machine Interface

Comics, the verious Transformer titles, The Amazing Spiderman, and the Astonishing X-men
I just started to pick up The Count of Monte Cristo (sp?) It's so far an awesome book.

You should all read it.
Just started reading Interview with the Vampire, and I just bought The Mabinogi. It's a welsh/celtic tale book. I have a thing for Celtic mythology.
QUOTE (Nimrod @ Sep 5 2004, 07:20 PM)
Just started reading Interview with the Vampire, and I just bought The Mabinogi. It's a welsh/celtic tale book. I have a thing for Celtic mythology.

Astrid loves that celtic stuff, you should talk to her about it.
Another great book I have been reading "48 laws of power" A very insightful and intruiging book.

This may sound silly but I have started reading the bible and Im really enjoying it. I have also come to the conclusion that Our vengeful god is a capitalist. Why you ask? Because he won't help just for the hell of it. He only helps those who want to be helped.

That is also how our country operates. You can only be successful if you truely want to be successful.

PS. Vote Bush 2004
lmfao @ Woe's sig.

Anyway, blows dust of thread. Whats everyone been reading these days?
Besides an assload of college text books I managed to finish up a book my uncle recommended to me. Miguel Marmol. A Book about the life of a Salvadorean proletarian worker, which also tells about the proletarian worker movement in El Salvador and various other historical aspects of it. It was orginally published in Spanish but was translated into English sometime in the late 80's. It was pretty cool for me to see the Salvadorean manner of speaking, translated into english. Really nicely translated. If you like Revolutionary literature or are interested in socialist movements or various other political aspects of our world, I would recommened you read this book.

Book #2 The Power of One. This was a book assigned to me by my Literature class. I wasn't expecting much out of it but man what an enjoyable story. Takes place in South Africa in the late 1940's. Its basically about How a small child manages to figure out the intricacies of the world we live in and discovers the power of one that lies dormant in all of us. I couldn't put the book down once I started but was dissapointed with the ending. I guess because I began to project too much of myself into the main character.

On the comic book side, I've been trying to collect back issues of The Ultimate Avnegers series. LOL @ Hawkeye taking out a group of militants who where torturing with literally his fingernails. scu.gif I only have a few issues but I'm really liking the story arc.

So what about you doods? Wassup!?
I know oddies has been taken plunges into the Black Library! Share with us!
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