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Full Version: Halloween plans?
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What have you got planned for Halloween? Run around in the dark and scare little kids out of their candy? Rent some classic horror flicks like Dracula and Frankenstein? Do some hardcore gaming? Whats up?

I love Halloween but don't really have any plans this year, other than giving candy to goblin passerby. Nothing funnier than a 3 foot Darth Vader. beigebiggrin.gif

Oh yea there might be a treat for the site on All Hallows Eve. evilking.gif
Scaring kids for their candy. . . >.>

I do it every year, I can't break the tradition!

Maybe go to a party, they usually end up with me falling through a table or something.

Course my parents might make me take my doofy sisters to something I don't like. Lot might happen on ol' Halloween for moi. pirate.gif
Walk the kids around the neighborhood trick or treating. beigeroll.gif

Oh WAIT! Maybe this year they can go on their own, as I can probably walk as far as the next block before I pass out! Yeah!!

*revises* Sit home and hand out candy while kids wander about in the cold on their own.

(IF I'm brave enough to let them... >.>)
Nothing planned here, save for the usual gaming. Halloween is great stuff. Too bad the new Chuckie movie comes out in November.
Hmm probably an all nighter again with games (nothing new) maybe hop on PSO to slap some Hallow Rappies..... beigelaugh.gif sniperer.gif rappy-walk.gif
The real deal is Mischeif night! Me and a few friends get out our paintball guns then drive around looking for kids who wanna throw eggs at cars/people and give them a taste of their own medacine. I love this time of the year! guns.gif

Halloween I usually just bum candy off the kids in my neigborhood. Play Poker with Now-&-Laters beigelaugh.gif
Going to kill things in my Theif costume.

Just kidding, that's pending. I'm doing a volunteer project at a haunted house, so I might be spending time there but... I'm trying to get to level 60 by the end of the week.

Fortunately for me, I don't have school for the next six days. So I'm basically going to exhaust myself trying to level and get AF like a madwoman. I won't have Raise II until level 60 - but it's a small price to pay

beigesmile.gif beigesmile.gif beigesmile.gif
Clubbing, clubbing, and yes, more clubbing.
May hit up a few haunted houses along the way.
i am an old man in training so...
I turn off all the lights in the house and growl when the kids come to the door anyway.
I like to overdose on horror movies during halloween. Good or bad... I like 'em all.
Tonight was a classic, Halloween - John Carpenter 1978
egads......i'm an old man in training too! but really, my parents home owned company run a charity halloween costume contest, so i'll be helping them out with that.
Goping to the Rennasance (SP?) Fair with Astrid and her friends. I'm the driver, so I gatta go ; ;. I aint big on things like this, but that's mostly cause I gatta drive to upstae NY to do it, lol.

Anyone in the area of brooklyn wanna tag along. Only bad part is, I can only fit one more person in my car.
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