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Just wondering...i'm pretty sure most of you are getting WoW but EQ 2,which comes out 2 weeeks before looks pretty good also...Guild Wars will be free online...
There's an online Matrix game?? shades.gif
And I'll stick with Monster Hunter for now..
Might check out WoW later on.
Depends how many people get World of Warcraft, I'd like some real impressions on it after it's out for a while. Same with EQ2, played EQ for a good while, so it'd be nice to see how the sequel is.

I'm trying to stay away from big online RPG's for now, I like soloing, and I don't like having to party with 4 or 5 other people in order to progress. *shrug*

If only the WoW character models didn't look so goofy, I'd be more interested.
While EQ doesn't really appeal to me, right now I plan on getting WoW at release. As for as the goofy models go, I sorta like them. The graphics remind me of the old Warcraft. At least they aren't freaky sprites like RO. beigelaugh.gif
I edited your Poll question Riel, and placed the poll on the main page. Hope you don't mind.
WoW seems to be the only other decent mmorpg out on the market(well designed, that is). But that's all relevant intill we see what else is coming out down the road.
this topic simply mystifies your's truly.. =/ why are SEGA & Capcom the only companies to make decent online console experiences? the EQ formula is tolerable, but not as fun..

the industry needs more online action RPG's.. cry2.gif
I'll be sticking with FFXI for a while. All my "hard work" is starting to pay off, and I'm having a lot of fun with the game.
At this point, I'd have to say none. Although, I am kind of interested in World of Warcraft just because I've always been a fan of Blizzard games. As far as these type of games are concerned, I love the vast worlds and ability to travel to all sorts of different lands. However, I don't like the time sink aspects that many of these MMO's generally entail. I do really enjoy fantasy type games where you can wear all sorts of armors and have different abilities and such but the bottom line is having fun with my friends online.

And from my past MMO experience, the game seperated my group of friends moreso than it ever brought them together...

If WoW has a system that is radically different than FFXI, then perhaps I'll consider it. But for now, you can find me chillin on Monster Hunter with Donkey or D2 with Retehi.
I may give the WoW open beta a whirl. Also, from what I've read, EQ2 is going to be less party-intensive, however I remember seeing somewhere that the online fes will be some outrageous number like $20/mo.
Still holding out for True Fantasy Live Online...


I'm looking at WoW cause it was fairly fun during the time I got to try it out ( stress test )

I might consider EQ2, but I'm not hearing too much of good things with that
WoW for me. I played the stress test and was blown away. It was just so much fun. You can solo, or group -as all class are designed to stand on their own- the world has almost no load zones and the graphics are amazing. Yes it does look cartoony, but actually walking around in the world, ... well, it's breath taking.

I intend to make a human rogue and an undead mage of some sort. Starting races doesn't matter, because although you start off in different areas, everyone tends to congregate at the major cities once you get past level 10-ish.

Anyone interested in playing WoW, we'll have to organize up a horde and alliance server so we can play together.

Going to stick with Monster Hunter for now and I'll get on D2 every now and then. I might think about WoW but I think when DS comes out I'll be playing that a lot.
I'm pretty sure that I'm going to finally get it figured out how to get online tonight. but I think that it would be fun for all of us to get a tnew game on release day and play. then we can go through all the trials and tribulations together. my vote would be for WOW because of the solo-ability factor.but you can still party with your friends. My second choice would be for guild wars because you can't beat free online.

seeing as how i dont currently own a pc i think ill be sticking with FFXI
hmm well... I've played Guild Wars and boy is it nice... X_x And WoW... yes, I got desperate and subscribed to FilePlanet to get into thweWoW Open Beta and the final Stress Test. As for EQ 2... :/ No thanks, I've had my share of the first EQ. I really want Guild Wars and WoW.
Vitamin D
I think I'm gonna get a lot of playtime out of Monster Hunter. I got the fuzzy PSO feeling all over again with it. I might check out WoW in the DISTANT future, but it's still a game I want to try. toast.gif
I'll probably stick with FFXI for a bit, but Guild wars IS free, and fun...
I already have EQ2 on reserve. <3 dark elf

I might wait to actually play it til some more of my friends from EQ1 get it though, since playing on different servers would suck.

I'd get WoW if there was a game card but if there isn't I'm gonna pass.
Still holding out for True Fantasy Live Online...



;_; You and me both, brotha'
ok well EQII is 14.99 a month not 20.. either way its still a lot...

TFLO is canceled

WoW will have gamecards...

Im really torn between EQ2 and WoW...

EQ2 comes out earlier than WoW and the graphics and details dont look so bad. EQ2 also has the gamecards which is better for me so i dont have to ask my parents for a damn credit card. Also there are 2 people in my dorm that are getting it so it would be pretty cool to play with them..

WoW looks pretty damn cool too and a lot of people from here seem like they are going to get it... but im not sure if im patient enough...

If WoW open beta opens up before EQII and i can get in.. im pretty sure it could make up my mind between the two.. if not i might just head over to EQ2
WoW Open Beta is monday, but with limited slots. Then I think its 2 weeks of open beta before release.
QUOTE (Crushinator @ Oct 26 2004, 07:30 PM)
I'll be sticking with FFXI for a while.  All my "hard work" is starting to pay off, and I'm having a lot of fun with the game.

think I can catch up with you?
63-70 in a week?

Yah...I'm going to stick with FFXI for the time being, Im having a blast. There are a couple other jobs I'd like to see play out even after I've finished to 75 with rng.
Yeah ham I think you will most definetly catch up with me. It's a real bitch getting a pt as a THF lately. At least as a THF with a retarded name like "Crushinator".
QUOTE (Crushinator @ Nov 6 2004, 01:40 PM)
Yeah ham I think you will most definetly catch up with me. It's a real bitch getting a pt as a THF lately. At least as a THF with a retarded name like "Crushinator".

Dang, the server is still like that?

I think I'll keep with Dominath as a name, if possible, and if not Darknath will do.
(Either way 's still messed up.)
Dominath is a good name, and I was just using a bit of hyperbole. I've just had a stretch of bad luck/shit parties, and haven't been on FFXI much lately.
QUOTE (Crushinator @ Nov 7 2004, 04:45 AM)
Dominath is a good name, and I was just using a bit of hyperbole. I've just had a stretch of bad luck/shit parties, and haven't been on FFXI much lately.

Ah, it makes sense now. I'm worried enough about parties getting me because of race (but that does mean more farming, which is good.) and I was just hoping our server hadn't gone so low as to judge the higher level peoples by name.
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