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Full Version: Promyvion
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<br><br>Warriors of Vana~Diel do you have what it takes to conquer EMPTINESS! Spooks, monsters, and baddies galore, wait in the darkness to engulf your soul. Are you brave enough to venture into the abyss and conquer your fears? Well then prove yourself come this Apocalyptic Halloween.

*Be sure to look at the party lists for new updates.<br><br>

Event: Promyvion<br>
Date: October 30, 2004<br>
Time: 1:30AM EST<br>
*Late night party time posted<br>
*early party time to be announced
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Detail in the following links:<br>
Party List<br>
Tactics & Info<br>

Breaker, you did an awesome job designing that. I love it.
I'll think about what to do with the early party tonight, and then post information asap. I'm kinda worried that it's a bit late to make such a big change, but we'll see what happens.
Well truth be told all credit goes to Dive. for making that. and its never too late for change. If you need help or anything , you know how to reach me.
QUOTE (AC9breaker @ Oct 27 2004, 04:12 PM)
Well truth be told all credit goes to Dive. for making that.

Not entirely true. Breaker did all of the preliminary design, I simply tweaked it some.

Dive, I saw an issue of the Punisher where Castle looks a lot like you on the cover :D I'll look a scanned version online.

EDIT: Gah, the picture looks sucky on the site for some reason -- much better in person. On second glance, I realized that it was from the same title that you got your last Punisher avatar from. Go back to it :D Maybe you can imagine this being you in 20 years or so.

Frank Castle!
Damn, Dive is such a badass. Hercules by day, Punisher by night.. trophy.gif
I love the quest logo! Good job guys, and I can't wait to "push down" these stupid promyvions once and for all! buttrock.gif
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