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Full Version: Red Sox WORLD CHAMPIONS!
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The curse of the bambino is broken in a 4-game shut-out versus the Cardinals!

No doubt the streets of Boston are going nuts right now, and probably will be for days to come.

Oh hell yeah! Go Boston!
YAH BOSTON! here we go red sox here we go! :D

We finally did it beigesmile.gif
Bostons said victory seemed to enrage a lot of my friends. >.>

Man, talk about bad vibes.

go astros
At least it ain't the Yankees.

Congrats to the BoSox though. They played mighty valiantly this postseason. Amazing pitching performance. IMO, their roations deserves the MVP as a collective instead of Manny Ramirez. beigebigrazz.gif

I tip my glass to all the heartbroken Cardinals fans out there. I share their pain.
Grats to the Red Sox. I was watching the news the other night while I was playing Monster Hunter and they said they are going to have the biggest celebration of the World Series ever. I think they said they are going to cram somewhere between 4-5 million people in downtown Boston. People are teh crazeh. toast.gif
Hell yea Red Sox, I was in Boston for game 7 of the Yankees series and that was crazy. But saturday for the parade is going to be completely nuts......I'm excited buttrock.gif
LOL! I'm not going anywhere NEAR Boston Saturday, we'll celebrate at home, but take pictures!!

I'm surprised they're not doing a rally at the end at City Hall Plaza, like they did twice for the Pats. =/ It's being called a "rolling rally" rather than a parade, and once it ends, they want everyone to disperse. And of course, security is the buzzword, they're "going to use tactics they learned during the DNC" beigeroll.gif
Go boston indeed they deserved it more than anybody if you ask me im happy for them toast.gif
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