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This is a really great game for partys and things like that. It is also fun to play by yourself but gets a little boring after awhile. There are 30+ songs that you can play from including:
-All the Small Things
-DK Rap
-Donkey Konga Theme
-The Impression that I Get
-The Legend of Zelda Theme
-Super Mario Bros. Theme
-Rock Lobster
-Busy Child
-Turkish March
-Whip it
-And many more...
It is really fun multiplayer and is a lot better with the Kongas even though you do NOT have to have them to play the game. If you use the controller thought it gets really confusing. Fun game overall.

user posted image
user posted image
user posted image
I played a bit on a display at Future Shop and it was fun...good original concept,kudos to Nintendo for still making original games like this.
This is a HUGE hit with kids - even my daughter wants this, and she is not a console gamer, for her it's all PC games, or nothing, but she's BEGGING for this after playing it at her cousin's house. beigelaugh.gif
Went down to Game Crazy today and a friend and I entered a Donkey Konga tourny. It was pretty fun stuff and him and I came in 1st in 2nd and I barely beat him for first. Got a crap load of stuff out of it. The pics are down below, prizes added up to $150 or something like that.
user posted image
Nintendo Hoodie, 2 Bongo Controllers, Donkey Konga game, and some stickers.

user posted image
View from the top of the stool that I got.

(sorry for the large sized pics)
To quote Jamella and Halbu in D2:

"Hail to you, champion."
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