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Full Version: Jessica Simpson's sister,
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The blonde chicks sister.

No need for words. Just a link an emote and your responses. beigebigeek.gif beigelaugh.gif beigelaugh.gif beigelaugh.gif
the link is broken =/
The link here at school blocks it but is this about the thing on how she was on SNL and they started to do the wrong song and she ran off the stage? beigelaugh.gif
Link works for me. Saw this clip on Monday. Goddamn she is such a fucking phony, and then after the show she had the gall to blame it on her BAND playing the wrong song.

Yeah, i'm sure that your band told the guy in the back to push play on the CD of the LEAD VOCALS too, huh? wassup.gif
At least things have evolved since the days of Milli Vanilli.

Girl you know it's- Girl you know it's- Girl you know it's- Girl you know it's...

"SHIT! There goes our Grammy!"
That is just downright embaressing to watch. . .

I thought she blamed it on acid reflux disease, other times I heard "she just wasn't ready".

Can't even make up her own lies! pirate.gif
Yes, downright embarrassing. Gotta love that dance she did though haha.
haha i got the link to work... omg.. she did get served i loved the look on her bands faces i think they were in on it... hahaha buttrock.gif
Vitamin D
I'd heard about this, but hadn't actually seen it hahahaha! Classic material. beigelaugh.gif
WTF is she doing?!
user posted image
BWhahahahaha! I love that avatar
Recently, a petition came out to try and get Ashlee Simpson to give up singing (alongside modeling/touring) because she's so bad.

Stop Ashlee Simpson!

If this does happen, at least she won't have to worry about college.
That is funny how many signatures are there already. I signed it then went back 5 seconds later and there were already 6 more signatures after I went back.
You should see some of the comments that were made. Many of them are pretty harsh.
"We sent our troops to the wrong place. It's Ashlee that deserves to be a smoking crater!"

'Nuff said.
I was willing to give her a chance...the mess up at SNL is something that can happen...but her performance at the Orange Bowl,where she got boo'ed by 100,000 people after her performance,which was just awful by the way,just killed her career and proved that she was lip-synching on many of these shows...her singing career is over.
I doubt this will convince her to hang up the mic for good. She still goes platinum, thanks to the 13-year-old girls. Personally I don't think she's all that great. It's these manufactured "cookie cutter" acts that make it harder for the real musicians, as we all know.
I don't really blame her for the state of music. Sure I think she can't sing worth a shit, but that's not the point. Madonna can't sing either and look what happened to her. Who I really blame is the music industry. The magazines, the tabloid talk shows, big record compaines ... that's who I blame. They took some girl with minimal talent, dressed her up, got her some musicians who can play, wrote her some songs and then forced the whole package down our throats - like it or not. Well, actually, we have no choice. We (the public) has to like it because that's the only thing thats being played.
I think her Dad/Manager is also to blame. He was trying to squeeze another Jessica Simpson out of her (obviously) talentless sister. With all the backing from MTV and her own TV show before the album dropped, Ashlee had a built-in audience of fans, even though her music sucked. Continually flubbing gigs like she's doing will spell the demise of her career though. There's only so much bad press you can get...
turn the radio off.
QUOTE (Icaras @ Jan 20 2005, 09:23 AM)
turn the radio off.

Holy shit, man. Has hell officially frozen over? I haven't seen you post in ages! :D
Icarus ios only teasing us with his presence.
Have no fear. He'll be gone soon enough.

*snif* i love you, man *snif*

He's right though. If we could just get 1 person a day to stop buying her music... Power to the people!!

Does anyone here watch MadTV? I don't normally, but while flipping thru the channels I saw them do a skit about that SNL flub. She went around the audience blaming everyone but herself. Then her dad came, strangled her and appologized to the world. It was actually very very funny. beigelaugh.gif
QUOTE (Icaras @ Jan 20 2005, 08:23 AM)
turn the radio off.

No kidding. I haven't actually bothered listening to the radio or what is 'hot' now for years practically.
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