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Full Version: Trick or Treat!
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Happy Halloween everyone!

Now here is your treat. I would like to introduce you to ATHQ's newest forum skin. This is the first in a new line of Apocalypse Tribe themed skins for your enjoyment. Have fun with the new skin and have a great Halloween. at-emote1.gif

Don't eat too much candy.
BOO! boo.gif now gimmie all your tansii candy punk guns.gif
...don't say milk duds.

*le gag*
I dig the new skins! Great job guys!
Awesome skins, wicked cool guys!! NOw someone come to my house and eat all the candy, we only get like 5 trick or treaters, and i never seem to learn, and buy like 4 bags of candy...if you don't eat it, I will, and that won't be pretty.... *sigh*
I kinda figured it'd be a new skin. Great work Dive.
Whoops didn't see this topic lol. Anyway, cool set-up buttrock.gif
This looks great!
Good work!
Thanks for your continued work!

--Sheik at-emote1.gif
Awesome work, as usual!

Can we expect any less from Dive? at-emote1.gif

P.S. Shiek!!! Long time no see!
Long time no see too! School work is getting to me...I still have an active PSO license and I played offline for about an hour the other day, but classes are getting to me! I need to get back into practice with PSO! I am sure I need some practice again before I want to go back online, especially challenge...

Anyway, I have been around, checking the forums almost every day, but just not posting much~~~ eh...

See ya around~☆
An awesome skin, it suits us perfectly.

A toast to us! And may our teeth rot! toast.gif
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