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Well what can I say...I met Dive at PoL and he seems like a cool guy so I decided to sign up over here. Call me Gun for short what I'm pretty much about is buttrock.gif and guns.gif Lets see Pso wise I'm quick to strike,efficient,sadistic,and pretty much your above average mercenary although I've only been online a few times I'm working on getting a bba so I can sell my sword full time
Hi Hi Gungrave wassup.gif

Thanks for signing up, I'm glad you found the forum. Someone will be along soon with your free gifts. king.gif
A george foreman Grill I believe mmmmm yummy lean steak! lazerburn.gif
Real cool place to hang out, this forum. Hope you enjoy it as much as I do,
You better check the bar man, alawys something brewing their.
Seems people like the George Foreman grills to. beigelaugh.gif

Welcome dude, you'll enjoy this little corner of the net. beigesmile.gif

As for your gifts: *hands him chicken wings and beer* Man, giving out welcome baskets on 2 different forums is costing me an arm and a leg AND a tail. cry2.gif
Thanks for the goodies lol.
Welcome, double G! Glad to see you made it over to the AT forums. Now we just gotta get you back online (PSO). :-P
Hey hey, welcome to the AT forums Gungrave.

P.S. I am a big fan of your PS2 game namesake buttrock.gif
Yo sup, heh

You need to get that modem man, Did you remake Gungrave? Or are you still using ZZ.Gundam?

Anyway it would be great to see you online.
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