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Full Version: New Street Fighter Comic
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Vitamin D
Well it's like this. My brother's telling me about this new Street Fighter comic. Its story covers Alpha through 3 and is animated like a manga. He then tells me that you can get it at Blockbuster. (has the first 6 episodes released so far in one book.) I picked it up today and...WOW it's AMAZING. awesome story, the art is out of control and its addicting...I need more... Here's a few pictures from it. If you see a copy of it at Blockbuster pick it up...QUICKLY. It's truly awesome.

Edit: Added This Link, Which is the site for it. Check it out. beigebigeek.gif
Interesting find, D. Looks like this is after the "shoryuken heard 'round the world" since Sagat's scar is there. I found it strange at first that the 3 Alpha/Zero games took place before SF2.
That's why they were called "Alpha (the first)" or "Zero (less than 1?)" beigelaugh.gif

But yeah, these look really cool. I really dig that pic of Sagat on the bottom of the page.
Wow looks awesome. I'm gonna have to check out Blockbuster then.
I read an old Street Fighter comic a long time ago and it wasn't all that great.
The artwork weren't all that either.
looks very well done from the looks of the afformentioned images. i still have the old SF animated movie around here, somewhere.. glad they made another animated one and not another live action movie beigelaugh.gif
Vitamin D
I seriously might hit up a comic book store to get the newest episodes. I mean, in the first 6 (including episode 0) a whole lot of characters already make an appearance. Ryu, Ken, Guile, Chun Li, Akuma, Sagat, Bison, Charlie, Sakura, Cammy, Rose, Birdie, Vega, E. Honda, Juni, and Dan. All of whom are introduced to the story SO smoothly. Also, since the story will cover through Street Fighter 3, all those characters will get their proper background story covered as well. I mean really, who or what the hell are Q and Twelve anyway? It gets better still...along with Street Fighter, they also plan to do the same thing for Darkstalkers and get this, Rival Schools! YES! If you're even the slightest fan of Street Fighter you should check these comics out. shades.gif
Oh damn, RIVAL SCHOOLS?!? I am all about rival schools backstory comics.
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