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Full Version: Monster Hunter G
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I'm not on this game, so I'm sure these scans will mean more to you guys than it does to me, so here ya go.
I think Dive already mentioned this but the US version of Monster Hunter IS Monster Hunter G. beigeroll.gif
I have been following the news of this for a while now, and at first it seemed like G was simply the US version for Japanese release, as they have had the game for a lot longer than we have. The updated G previews mentioned Dual Wielding and being able to see equipped weapons in Towns, two features which we already have in our release. Upon further investigation however, there were a few things which appeared to be new. I can't say with certainty that G will be a rehash of the North American release.

note: as of this post, the images Crush linked to appear to have been taken down, here is a link to The Japanese Monster Hunter G site.
Wow, that definately sounds lame =/ they do need to make an expansion though because I don't think 20 ranks is enough and they need more quests/monsters...or atleast to keep Ayre busy.
If i remember, we actually got MH 1.5
because in some of the screens i've seen for G had
a blue rath O.o
They can't be the same... according to the Japanese site, pensil, they're increasing the max Hunter's Rank from 20 to 30 in Monster Hunter G.
Well, i'm pretty sure they're def. not the same game, but we however (North America) got more than we bargained for. Japanese release didn't get a lot of small things we havn't taken care to notice.

But thing is, i'm not sure the differences in the monster hunter G game are enough to make capcom deide to release an add-on here. Here are a few more screens if you havn't found them already ;)
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