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Full Version: Star Wars Episode III Trailer
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heres the link from

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Star Wars Trailer
Ah, What Kim Jong Il was looking for.

Looks like it will be good. I wonder if this will be the end of the entire Star Wars franchise.
Looks promising. I hope that this episode will be a fitting end to the Star Wars saga.

Notable scenes in the teaser:
Darth Vader.
A very evil looking Anakin featuring some creepy yellow eyes.
C3PO in the hallway of a ship that resembles the one from the beginning of Episode IV
Amidala sporting a Princess Leia hairdo.
Sideous in a lightsaber fight with someone off camera.
Yoda once again using a Lightsaber. beigelaugh.gif
Anakin and Obi Wan dueling on a volcanic planet.

A very dark look to the film. Should be cool.
Ah, judging by the first two movies, I thought for sure the 3rd movie was going to be 2 hours of George Lucas Rolling around naked in a pile of money, the bills sticking to his sweaty body. And he'd be laughing of course.
Now THAT is a scary visual. Though I wouldn't be surprised if he does that off-camera.
QUOTE (Dive @ Nov 7 2004, 12:28 AM)
Yoda once again using a Lightsaber. beigelaugh.gif

Haha, "laugh it up fuzz ball". This looks like it will be a good movie. I also wonder if this will be the end of Star Wars movies, although I'm sure people like Cartoon Network might come out with new cartoons like they did with the Clone Wars series.
Wookies are the shit. I just hope this movie has a lot of Darth Vader (in his armor and shit) kicking tons of ass.
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