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I thought we had a topic detailing this but I couldn't find it. Some info is present in this pinned topic, but I thought i would go into detail.

We have a registered IRC channel on enterthegame. It doesn't get too much activity but when I am online I usually idle there and spam my Winamp playlist. If you are looking for me and I am not running Trillian, check there i will probably be on. My brother(Overdog) idles there as well on occasion, so look for him too. I brought this up because today Gungrave stopped by the channel and we chatted for bit. Here is the server info again.

Official IRC Channel:
port: 6667
Channel: #ApocalypseTribe

You can get info and download mIRC at it's site. If you use Trillian you can also access IRC.
Whee! I can finally get in the room. Dunno why o_O Maybe it has something to do with me getting a new IRC script?
heh and there was no one there right? beigelaugh.gif

Oh well I am not on DSL right now so i can't stay idle in there all the time. Need the phone line for PSO beigelaugh.gif Whenever I am on the net I will be in there however, so stop on by for a chat sometime. trophy.gif
Checked out your chat, looks just like mine, heheh no ones there that often boo.gif
Cool! I'll definately check it out Dive. beigeroll.gif
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