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Full Version: Metroid Prime Echoes
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With all the (ex?) PSO'ers out there in AT land, I know we have a large GC base here!
Has anyone picked up the new Metroid Prime Echoes yet? If I wasn't knee deep in Covanent blood right now I would have.
I was pleasently surprised at how cool the first game (Metroid Prime) was, and this one looks and sounds even cooler. The light AND dark suits... the spookier environments...

So, if you bought it, or wanna buy it, or even like to dress up as Samus and run around your backyard, let's here it!

Now... if I could just get past that damn rock monster from the Metroid Prime, then I could feel good about myself again. That !@#$ing thing just beats the snot out of me everytime! beigesmile.gif
I loved the first Metroid Prime for gamecube. Unfortunately I am still in the middle of paying off my DS =/ The Metroid Prime 2:Echoes site is pretty cool to go through. You can go through the "areas" and use different visors like the new echoes visor to scan things. Some things that you scan will have an item pop up that it will give you details about or will give you a short movie clip. (Light suit is teh seksi) Anyway it will also give you stuff like wallpaper backgroupds, sounds, and other pictures. Dark Beam is new in the game which they will show a clip of Samus using it. Also the site gives you a lot more info on what the storyline is about. First game was a lot of fun too and the chance to get different endings made me want to play it a few times over. This will more than likely be the first game that I get once I have my DS all paid for.
Well I bought this game yesterday night and so far its the same as the first one (which isn't a bad thing). The box art caught my eye =\

The graphics are a bit more refined and the game still holds its 60fps. You graphic designers out there will be pretty impressed how the menus and stuff are laid out. It almost puts PSO Episode III to shame. Its almost like looking at a cleverly designed flash site. Reminds me of that movie, Minority Report.
And just like the first one, it supports progressive scan!

Upon starting up the game, you're greeted with some in-game gameplay showing off some of the enemies and power-ups (one of which shows her doing some old school ninja gaiden style wall jumping). Music's pretty awesome during the intro.

Some things that I like so far (other than the graphics):
-The music really sets the mood. Some classic jingles return.
-When scanning certain items, logs, etc., a robotic voice comes up and says, "log acquired". It adds a nice touch to the game :D (EDIT: OK actually, it says, "Recording to logbook")
-Oh yea multiplayer! Though its not online, its still a blast to play. Locking on and strafing is awesome! Then your friend morphs into a ball and you can't lock on anymore! Then you gotta chase the guy and he jumps into this machine thing and starts shooting at you and you take like a bunch of damage!
There's different power-ups through out the areas like invinsibility and unlimited ammo. There's also different types of gun power-ups. Though it doesn't seem you can change between weapons. Of course, you can shoot missles and acquire super missles.
You can also double jump and use the grapple beam!
I haven't checked out all the maps yet but the one's me and my friend played were laid out pretty well.
I can only imagine how the DS version will be like.
-There's some voice-overs but not too much.
-Oh yea the enviroments are a bit creepy.

More later!
QUOTE (DJ_Donkey @ Nov 18 2004, 02:32 PM)
I can only imagine how the DS version will be like.

A demo comes with the DS. It's too bad that the real thing doesn't come out until around February. =/ I just hope they don't wait a month before PSU comes out to release PSO DS if it does come out. Metroid should be pretty cool though because there are a few stages that you can play in multiplayer and I'm sure you will only need 1 game pak to atleast play some of them.
I've tested the DS demo and its ok so far. Gotta get used to aiming with the touchscreen. Graphics are pretty impressive though.
Whoa... DJ.
You played the DS version? More info please! Do you HAVE to aim with the pen? How big is the DS? Was it a confortable size?
QUOTE (unitself @ Nov 19 2004, 05:58 PM)
Whoa... DJ.
You played the DS version? More info please! Do you HAVE to aim with the pen? How big is the DS? Was it a confortable size?

It was on display at Best Buy. They had Metroid Prime: Hunters demo running on it.
It's not as big as you think it is. Think of the old GBA model but slightly bigger (maybe smaller, I'm not sure exactly. Bigger most likely). There was a metal piece that was attached to the system so I couldn't really see how the bottom looks like. There was a diagram near it saying you can put a GBA cart on the bottom and the DS cart (discs?) at the top.
Its pretty comfortable but using the L & R triggers is really awkward (probably get used to that overtime). You don't HAVE to use the pen rather you can use your finger. The touch screen is pretty functional and it wasn't as sensitive as I thought it would be. I mean, going through the menus with the touchscreen is pretty impressive in itself.
I didn't spend a whole lot of time on it. But whatever time I spent on it, it was enjoyable.
To give you an idea: Think about playing metroid with on a laptop with that touchpad.
Oh and the sound is crystal clear.
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