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Full Version: MH: New Event Quest
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"Special Event Quest Info!"
Quest: Capture a Yian Kut-Ku!
A challenge for those with strength, fighting skills, and teamwork! Can you capture a Kut-Ku in 5 minutes!?

Date: 11/25-11/28 2004
Time: 12:00-02:00 PST

This should be interesting...
No problem.

Would be alot more interesting in Hard Mode though. =T
Oh well, Guild Tickets get!

edit: Sweet banner Dive. :D
Ah cool. If you guys are going to play this weekend lemme know. I haven't been online in a week, or so, and could do with a little monster huntin'.

If I can tear myself away from Half-life 2 that is ...

assuming they don't throw you directly into the mix with a kut ku and say "capture" i found a nice way to make this an easy ride. Kut-kus are easy as is, so this shouldn't be a problem.

1. Psychoserum (to locate Kut-ku for 10 seconds)
2. your basic supply items.
3. extra potions (if you think need it)
4. At least 2 hunters. (including yourself)
5. Extra Nets, Traptools, 1 pitfall trap (if you think you need it)
6. Books 1-5 of combos (if you think you need it)

Rations don't typically run before 5 minutes are up, so if you need extra space, by all means, leave the well-done steaks or rare steaks ar home ;)

I know about 90% of you can do this without any problems and know this info already, this is just for the new players, or just a help way to make this somewhat easier for some people ;D
The 25-28th...I think I can make this but I'm not completely sure. I hope this quest gives a lot of HR points because I could really use some suicide mining runs =X
well i know a group of 4 can kill a Kutku in like 2 minutes, so yeah >.>
it'll be fun tho, being put on such a short time-limit.
anywho i need 5 guild tickets to make my guild outift beigebiggrin.gif i needs teh luck boostage for these blasted rathalos plates >.< (217 tails and counting...)
Yeah that banner caught me by surprise haha. Nice job Dive.
Vitamin D
I swear the Kut Ku gets its ass kicked several hundred times a day. beigelaugh.gif I'll definitely be down for this.
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