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With Thanksgiving coming up I am going to be out of state for about a week to visit my grandparents in Maryland. Depending if there is a computer there I may or may not use (I have no idea). But I definately know I won't see you Monster Hunters for probably atleast a couple of weeks. Tonight will be my last night to stay up and play for a little while. So I guess I'll see you guys whenever. It's in Ocean City too if anyone was curious. >_>
Yeah, Zio...
I would bet that alot of us are going to be busy for the next month or so. I bet there won't be much to miss.

Have fun at the fam's house!

btw - I wonder when they named Maryland did they do a Greenland kinda thing? As in, "This place is a drag, no one is going to want to come here. OH! I know! Let's call it Happyville!!! OH WAIT!! Maryland!! That's better!" or Is it one of those Twilight Zone kinda places where everyone is named Mary. Spoooooooky!
Have fun visiting your relations Zio. If you can't check in don't worry about it. It's good to take a break from things like message boards and online games for a short while, makes coming back to them even more fun.

Enjoy your vacation and we'll be here when you get back.
Just got back the other day. I picked up Metroid Prime Echoes while I was gone which is pretty cool. It's good to be back home in boring old Ohio though.
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