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Full Version: Planned professions
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So what do you guys plan on doing profession-wise? I plan to stick with blacksmithing/mining as I did in the beta. It would be good if we had a variety of professions to help out one another in terms of equipment.
Gonna be a Paladin so I'll most likely end up smithing and mining. I didn't have time to try any of them in the Beta though since I only got to play for a few hours. ;/
I got busy and totally forgot about the beta sign up and missed out. cry2.gif

I will have this game on Tuesday though, and plan on making a priest to start out with, and maybe......tailoring? haha idea really. I am such a noob. beigesmile.gif
I'm a noob also...i'm going to read up on a magazine,this month's PC Gamer,they have about 12 pages and they suggest some classes and all and i'm up for any suggestion you guys might have to help me choose so we have a balance group if we ever meet up.
We just need to make sure we pick the same server.

Prolly gona be a warlock not sure which trade skill yet though. Playing eq2 at the moment and have a lvl 17 Sum named Alton De'Vir. EQ2 is almost a spitting image of WoW except that WoW is 10 times better hehehe. So ill see ya all on launch day =-). what races is everyone gona play Horde or Alliance ?


Alton De'Vir 17 Sum
10th lvl sholar

Nittwin 66 Druid of White Wind

QUOTE (SaitoH @ Nov 19 2004, 10:44 PM)
We just need to make sure we pick the same server.


GRAH! And then tell ME!!! >_>

I'll most likely be on a PST server, Horde, because Alliance (and Legolas groupies) are for pussies! ; 3

If they don't change anything from the OB (which I doubt, many retailers had recieved the complete boxed by the day after OB closed I believe) then you will be able to have up to 10 charas, and the only limit beyond that will be that you can't play Horde AND Alliance on the same server.

Kinda a bummer since that could make for some interesting spy fun.

Whoever said they wanted a priest with tailoring, that's perfect; don't be a sucker tho and get enchating as the 2nd pri skill-it's pretty awful until they overhaul it. Get skinning, and you can sell whatever else until you know someone that needs the skins (a stack of 10 lt skins goes for 2sil 50c-a good amt to get at earlier levels.)

A good site to read up on WoW for newbies,like me hehe over the weekend.
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