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Full Version: I'm worried!
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So.. I have a bunch of friends. I mean, not to be petty, but I have a bunch of friends.

I'm worried about what server to choose, and what group to follow. So many different groups, and so many people I'd like to keep track of! It's more than just a little annoying, 'cause I'm afraid of missing out on the antics of one group.

How exactly are you going about this, if you have any friends outside of AT? Does WoW even have a World Pass system, or does it go about it like CoH? Someone, hurry, relieve my server related stress symptoms!
I am no expert on WoW, but from what I gather it works like COH. You can have multiple characters on multiple servers.

From the Realms FAQ

Will players be able to have characters on more than one server without paying additional fees?
There will be one monthly fee to play World of Warcraft and it will apply to all of your characters, regardless of what server they are on.
i got my special edition all pre-ordered, i dunno what race, or server i'm gonna play in, but we'll find out when the time comes ;)
I'm worried too. I'm hoping Blizzard announces the server names on Monday.
Just wanted to add:

We should at least pick a time zone. Eastern, central, mountain, or Pacific. I hear west and east coast servers are in the same location, so it doesn't really matter which region we pick.
One more suggestion!

How about we pick the 5th server on the list for a specific time zone?
QUOTE (SaitoH @ Nov 20 2004, 02:20 PM)
How about we pick the 5th server on the list for a specific time zone?

I am completely open to suggestion here, as I am pretty much clueless. beigelaugh.gif

I personally have no preference for a specific server, as long as we get on the same one.
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