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Full Version: Eclipse Legacy
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"Good job Eclipse, Thats another mission well done."

"Thankyou, always a pleasure to work for the guild."

He had been working for the hunters guild for a while now, looking to somehow make up for the events that happend so long ago...

10 years earlier...
It was just like any other day, the grass green, the sky bright blue, and the sun a white circle that hung in the sky...Just another day in the Forests of Ragol

"Eclipse Stay Focused!"

"Oh right! sorry..."

"Now then, come over here with the other pupils and we will begin are sparring session."

His father had been a master hunter working for the Hunters Guild and training young Hunters to fight. Eclipse was no diffrent from the other boys, except for the fact that he was a Newman, but then again their was Jen-gai, he was a newman to...His and Jen-Gai's pointy ears stood out from that of the semi circled shaped ears of the other boys, hence they could hear their attackers better....

"Each pupil will be allwoed to use 2 weapons, choose your weapons and begin sparing. First pupil of the two to fall on the ground is the loser"

After many spares between countless boys, It came time for Eclipse and Jen-Gai the remaining pupils, to spar.

"Eclipse, Jen-gai, choose your weapons wisely and begin"

This was one of the most anticipated spars in the group, for Eclipse and Jen-Gai had been the top of the Guilds training course. The boys watched anxiously waiting for the fight to begin. Eclipse had worked with three weapos: Double Saber, Rod, and the Scythe" he was good at all of them, but best with the Rod types. Eclipse decided to go with the Scythe and Rod. Jen-Gai was skilled at the saber, sword, and handgun. Jen-Gai had chosen the Saber and Sword.

" I See that you both have choosen your weapons, are you ready?"


"Heh, No contest"

"In that case, Begin..."

Jen-Gai, being the cockier of the two, rushed the offensive...Rapidly swinging his saber but with little thought of placement...Making it easy for Eclipse to block each onslaught with his Rod

"Jen-Gai, it will take more than Beserk attacks to knock me down, your being predictable and careless."

He didnt know what it was, but being around Jen-Gai made Eclipse a little arrogant as well...
Angered at Eclipses comment, Jen-Gai took one final strong swing and held it against Eclipses Rod trying to knock him back but to no avail. He then Jumped far back, well withing running distance.

"Predictable you say? Predict this!"

And with that Jen-Gai rushed at Eclipse and held his saber over head but just about as he was about to strike he quickly threw the saber to his other hand and swiped sideways. This had caught Eclipse off guard and knocked him sideways almost tripping him.

"Whos careless now?" *Laughs*

"That will be the last time that happens Jen-Gai"

With that they each threw aside their weapons and grabbed their sword and scythe. Many blows were given/taken on each side and both of the boys were becomin fatigued.

"I will beat you, I WILL!"

[Hes over confident, he will be careless, thats when i will strike]

"Come at me then Jen-Gai"

Jen-Gai rushed with his sword over at Eclipse and swung side ways, but struck low this time and hit eclipse in the legs. Unexpectant of this, Eclipse began to topple forward, but as he was fallin he use they photon blade of his scythe and placed it behind Jen-Gai's knee caps and pulled towards him tripping Jen-Gai. Jen-Gai could of easily avoided this but he was to busy smirking and claming victory in his head, picturing it with his eyes closed.

They both fell at the same time...


"What did you say!?!!? NO I should of won! I should of won!"

"Your arrogance has once again betrayed you, Jen-Gai"

"What did you say? Again we shall fight I will beat you!"

"Well I hate to say this, but were out of time tommorow we can continue."


*Eclipse and his Father arrive home*

"Ahh your home, how was training?"

"Good mom it was Good"

"Eclipse did very well, althought he needs to work on his offensive a bit more, he does more dodging and blocking rather than attacking, but thats for another day."

"Good job son, now why dont you run off to bed, your father and I need to talk and you need some rest."

"Ok. Goodnight Father Goodnight Mother."

"Good night son",

*Eclipse runs off to bed, for some well deserved rest...*


(Later that night)

"Have you told him yet?"

"Well it will only be for a couple days, I dont want to scare the boy..."

"Lighter! You leave in an hour yet you havent told him?

"I know I know, but I wont be gone long, he probably wont even notice you can tell him bye."

"Lighter! You know that boy idolizes you, he will no the instant your gone... Besides what .... if...f...f.... you..."

"Merril, trust me Ill come back"

"Ok Lighter, I trust that you will come back in one peice...Here take this locket its a family picture of us and is very valuable...If I dont get this back, Ill never forgive you..."

"Dont worry, youll get it back, Ill bet my life on it.."

"Goodbye Merril"



(Next Day)

This had been another routine tera form mission {main objective: clear all hostile lifeforms} , his father went on these often, but this was on uncharted territory which made his mother uneasy...

The area had been seabed and only the top hunters were assigned to this mission.
It was designed to be an in and out mission, but disaster struck near the end of the mission...

As they approached the end of the seabed, they were worn and tired expectant to go home, but as they road the giant elevator to the top of they seabed, preparing to go home, a giant half man-half beast flew down and caused the elevator to move downward.

That monster was olga flow...

The team was in danger, they had to act quickly. Olga was wearing them down, they thought they would die... but as Olga prepeared to deal the final blow, Lighter used Grants and killed the monster, or so they thought...

Olga flow fell faster and faster, and the elevator started to go up but at the last second Olga flow snachted Lighter and Lighter fell deep into the well with Olga, Leaving only the locket behind...

The elevator slowly moved upwards, carryin a shocked and grief strucken crew...

(2 days later )

*Knock on the door*

"Merril? are you there?"

"Dont worry mom Ill get it!"

"Ok Eclipse"

*Eclipse opens door*

"Rob! Hey! So you guys are back? How did it go? wheres my dad?"

"Eclipse please go get your mother"

"Wheres my dad?"

"Eclipse... Please...dont make this hard"

"Oh.. Ok..*turns head* Mom, Rob needs to talk to you, sounds serious"

"Ok son be right their"

*Merril comes to door and stands by eclipse*

"Hi Rob. How did it go, where is Lighter?, whats wrong? why do you have that look?"

"Well thats why im here, I dont really know how to tell you this but we were on the elevator back to the top of the seabed to go to P2 when a creature known as "Olga Flow" grabbed him on the way down...This was all that was left, the crew gives our depest apologees. We wouldnt of made it out of there without him..."

*hands locket to Merril*

"No, No it cant be it cant be! WHY?!!?!! YOU PROMISED LIGHTER YOU PROMISED!"

beats on Robs chest with hands then falls into robs arms and cries deeply*

"Im so ... sorry... Merril"


*cries in sorrow, disbelievingly, yet knowing his father is still alive he had to be*

"Eclipse... Eclipse! Stay focused! hello?!

"Oh...I must of blanked out sorry"

"Heres your meseta, now go get some rest, you could use it. Going solo on a mission takes alot of energy..."

"Thanks I will goodbye, Sheri."

"Wait Eclipse"


"Its your father isnt it, your thinking of him?"

*Eclipse Rubs locket in hand*

"Yes, that day was so long ago, but i fell like my father is trying to tell me something..."

"I will find that "Olga" and kill him...Someday... I know my father is still alive I will find him!"

Very interesting indeed. It can't wait to see how Eclipse falls into the Apocalypse Tribe storyline.
Yes that will be fun as well...
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