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Full Version: Metal Gear Solid 3
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So, anyone else play this? The graphics and sound are just superb. The sneaking concept is taken to the next level with the camouflage system. Another interesting feature is performing first-aid on yourself. So far this is turning out to be an interesting prequel.
I'm still deep in the trenches of San Andreas, but I definetly want to check this out once I finish up SA. Has the gameplay made a big leap over MGS2, as far as new moves and techniques for Snake?

Snake has pretty much all the same moves as his "successor" did in the previous games, except you can combo with the knife. Plus there's the aforementioned camouflage. Also, if you're caught, there are 3 phases - alert, evasion, and caution. Alert is when they actually see you and are attacking. Evasion is when you're hiding form them and they're still looking for you. The final phase, caution, is when they're not as aggressively searching. After that, the sentries go back to their posts.
Those damn three phases. Man, I can't count how many times, I just hid somewhere and went to go fix a sandwich, do laundry, write a book waiting for it to be safe to continue with the game. And you can't really hide in this one it seemed. Boxes don't work, and going into an empty room and finding a corner or something don't work all the time either (The AI in this one searches everything). What I hated was Caution. It is the longest phase, and last 100 seconds. If there is any hint that you still in the area, it shoots back up to 100. Very fucking annoying. I had it get down to 2 seconds (no lie) and shoot right back to 100. I think I left some foot prints behind or something.
The games sounds a lot more serious about the stealth. I didn't even now this game came out. I'll have to put picking this one up on hold.
And the enemies use all the stealth techniques you use too. They duck behind trees and objects, roll out the way etc.. You can also run and shoot with all the weapons, which is the feature I liked the most.
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