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Full Version: WoW Zboard
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WoW Customized Keyboard

Check that out, it is a custom Key set for a Zboard, which is a gaming keyboard with interchangable keysets for various games. What this keyboard does is allow you to snap in a keyset for a certain game and have all of the special commands marked and set up. The keysets include a reguler QWERTY set as well as special commands like Guild Chat, Spellbook, Abilites etc.

It is a bit pricey however, the Zboard retails for $49.99 with each keyset priced at 19.99.
Looks cool, but I dunno about that pricetag.
Well at least its cheaper than this GC Keyboard Controller that I have. =(
Donkey = PS0wned beigelaugh.gif
Well hey, that keyboard, dispite its small keys, was built quite well.
QUOTE (DJ_Donkey @ Nov 22 2004, 12:41 PM)
Well at least its cheaper than this GC Keyboard Controller that I have. =(

Haha I'd forgotten about the ASCII. At the time $100 seemed perfectly reasonable. beigelaugh.gif

This deal does look really neat, I especially like the way the buttons are set up on the right hand side. But the price? Ouch.
Bah, that's nothing. I paid $130.00 Canadian (shipping, exchange, duty) for my eluminx keyboard. Why did I buy it? Because it's a lit keyboard. Pretty sad, huh?

user posted image

I'm the reason the word "sucker" was created.

At least it looks cool. May even help for those late-night gaming sessions.
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