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Full Version: Koreans + Street Fighter 2 - Copyright Laws
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beigelaugh.gif beigelaugh.gif beigelaugh.gif

WTF is up with Ken and Guile being badguys (I think?), and Chun Li in some dungeon, crying like a little girl?

Balrog is just some korean guy with his skin painted brown? They get some marginally chubby guy to play E.Honda? And I won't even get into Zangief and Blanka beigelaugh.gif

The best part has to be how Dhalsim stays upside down on the wall wiggling his legs around after he gets blasted by Ken, though.
Holy crap! I gotta get that track! Streeeet Fiiigh-ttaaasss!
Oh and a blast of smoke as a fireball??? I gotta see the whole series now..
Ahh! Thats crazy! beigebigeek.gif
This thing makes the American SF movie look like somekind of masterpiece.
There have been stranger things to come out of that country, aside from counterfeit Gucci bags.
Vitamin D
HAHAHAHAHAHA! beigelaugh.gif All hail king Ken!
Oh god this is too funny. beigelaugh.gif
this is the first time i've wanted to watch the american version of street fighter to make myself believe its still worse.....but i dont think i can <:O
That was the greatest thing I ever saw! I wanna own it!
They finally created a Power Rangers/Street Fighter hybrid. Classic.
Now I'm a fan of tokusatsu, but that was just bad. Whoever made that thing must've been on a budget of like 106,650 Won. That may look like a lot, but it's really equal to about $100 USD right now.
I think I'll stick to SF part of the live action City Hunter movie, being the best SF movie, Jackie Chan as Chun Li... priceless
Jackie Chan as Chun Li??? I don't think I wanna know... X_x
wtf, why is dalhsim olive green? i feel like i lost I.Q points for having watched that crash.gif
QUOTE (DarkEpyon @ Nov 24 2004, 07:22 PM)
Jackie Chan as Chun Li??? I don't think I wanna know... X_x

Its pretty good movie, the steet fighter part is like 5 minutes long a fer of the other acters in the movie get turned in SF characters too
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