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Full Version: Final Fantasy Store? WTD?!?!
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Some people here have seen me playing more is kinda because of Thanksgiving break brothers are both playing WoW.

Anyway, I was looking for guides to crafting on the internet and I ran into something that made me look twice~~~

I had to laugh for a second about it...who would buy this stuff???
--Sheik at-emote1.gif

These gave rise to such groups as the Jerrys (who have dissappeared...possibly some of those accounts for sale), the Toms, the Redapples, etc. Because these people pay real money for gil and then resale it, it spawned a race of the infamous players known as gilfarmers.

It's good to know that I could either camp for my dream bow and get it the good old fashioned way through hard work, etc. or just blow 1/2 of my pay check towards fake money and buy it online.
(The bow: 5.5mil gil or about $330)

Though...interesting thing here: when I checked to see how much they were paying for gil on Bismarck this is the message I got.

We are currently overstocked on this server. If you feel that this message is an error, please contact our live support
I just lost what little hope I had left in humanity.
12 bucks for 200k?! no wonder everything on the auction house costs a fortune now! WTF.
Man... how are honest hardworking citizens like ourselves supposed to afford shit if gil sales sites keep dropping the prices like this? $12 for 200k is ludicrous.. some gimpass 14 year old could save his lunch money for a month and buy a scorpion harness or some shit.
losing urge to play.....FF....

Account: 75 Bard/59 Ranger/53 Warrior! AF Gear, Good Subjobs, Crafts and More!!!

Price: $999.99

wow...that's just...ridiculous
Money talks, BS walks, my friends.

I do however like the concept of exchanging currency from one game to another.

I'll admit to having used these kinds of services twice, but not in FFXI. Once was in RO and the other time was in D2.

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