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Full Version: PSO BB Episode 4! Beta!
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Ripped off PSOw
The Phantasy Star Online Blue Burst Episode 4 Closed Beta is about to begin on the 30th, but those who know how the original was structured knew where to look for information about it.

PSO episode 4 is coming!

You can look at the official web site, but it is all in Japanese.

Also, PSO BB's web site is:

The beta officially begins in Japan November the 30, 2004.
I still do not know how to participate.
It is a closed beta, so I am not sure how easy it will be to play until it begins to be an open beta.
If I find out more, I will post it later.
I have received an email about it and I can post or forward it to you, but it is entirley in Japanese.

--Sheik at-emote1.gif~☆
I have a feeling only Shiek and dj donkey will be the ones on this beigelaugh.gif

P.S. wtfm9, PSOworld hasn't burned to the ground yet?
Is this the game that DJ got the screenshots from (he didn't take them..just found them) of the new 'Hole in the ground" level and the 4 or 5 new weapons and the 4 or 5 new monsters about a month or two ago?
Damn them for making this PC only!
The only way I've heard of to get into closed beta is that you have to have had an HL active (for PSOBB) back during the beta in June & July (right when retail came out).
They'll email you about some stuff and where you can download the files for it.
I may have lucked out on this one =\
I've read that people already downloaded some of the patch files and checking out the new tracks for the new episode.
I'll see what I can dig up later...
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