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Full Version: AT Gaming Review 11-30-2004
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It's been a while since we had a review, but like I said, ATHQ is primarily a gaming site, so let's hear about your latest accomplishments.

I'll go first. I have been really enjoying World of Warcraft. I have gotten two characters to level 10, my Human Rogue and my Tauren Hunter. I really like the relaxed pace of the game, and most of all, the ability to solo. There is so much to do in this game and it feels like anything you do nets you some experience points

I have also been playing Halo 2, albeit I have been slacking off on it since WoW came out, I try to get online for a match or two when I can. My W/L record is pretty poor so I won't go into that beigelaugh.gif

Who's next?
Hm...I kinda got back on FFXI...but school has been busy and tight.
I have been playing PSO off and on, but almost no one here plays that anymore cry2.gif
I have kinda gotten out of play style lately with PSO. That is what happens when you don't play for such a long time...

I was thinking of WoW, but it is too much now to get envolved in all that, but my brothers play it and it looks sweet!
I'm also enjoying WoW a lot...i was searching for a word to explain why i seem to enjoy this game a lot and i think you came up with the perfect one Dive,relaxed...the music,the overall style of the graphics and the environnements are so relaxing when you start off,it really brings you in the game and it's agreat release from a hard day's work or stress hehe...for now at least,i'm also looking forward to the harder Elite Quests and instances dungeons later on for some real challenging action.

I renter the new Metal Gear this morning and it's pretty good so far as well.Halo 2 i need to get back into but until i find a way to eliminate or change the crouch button from R3 i will suck online with this game but i love the single campaign also.

The last game i'm wondering about his Baten Kaitos,for the Cube,it looks pretty good but no one seems to play it,i will give it a rental next.
Been playing too much World of Warcraft. It's been out a week and I feel sucked in already. It is crazy how much you can accomplish in just 2-3 hours gameplay. Look me up in game if you have it. I'd like to meet up with some fellow AT peeps. :D

My apologies to Donkey for not joining up with him for the recent Kut Ku quest on Monster Hunter. :( They really need to extend the number of days these quests are playable. >_<
QUOTE (Mute @ Nov 30 2004, 09:34 PM)
My apologies to Donkey for not joining up with him for the recent Kut Ku quest on Monster Hunter. :( They really need to extend the number of days these quests are playable. >_<

That would be nice because I couldn't make it either. =/ been playing a bit of DS lately and up to 100+ stars on Mario beigebiggrin.gif I'd like to get back on Monster Hunter sometime to try and finish it. Also looking forward to Ridge Racer DS.
Vitamin D
Been playing Monster Hunter and Baten Kaitos (VERY fun RPG shades.gif ). I think that's all I primarily play. I also run through a few fighting games each day, but the most of my time comes out of those two.
i'm trying to break the record playing Burger Time beigelaugh.gif
travelin' down memory lane i am, says i.. at-emote1.gif
I'm almost at the halfway point in Metroid Prime: Echoes. The boss I just fought recently was awesome. So bosses totally kicks ass so far.
Basically the same game; still fun nonetheless.

Haven't touched Monster Hunter in awhile. My internet connection isn't too hot right now. That's what keeping me from the game.

Other than Metroid, I've been spending ALOT of time on some old Genesis games.
Namely, Shadow Dancer & Shinobi III (like, you can run and jump off walls and stuff!).
Well most of my gaming time is spent on FFXI, but i also have been playing Doom III wich Rox0rs Joo S0x0rz.

GTA: San Andreas... I've beat all the missions now i just gotta mop it up but this game is frickin awsome

SpellForce:The order of dawn it's kinda like warcraft you know elv's/humans/orc's and such it's not great but it's not tottaly bad ither worth a try but not a buy

1. Halo3 "hoorah master chief!"
3. MGS: Snake eater "call me snake"
4. the new AC "armored core" "big robot combat, Sign me up!"
5. AC5 "Eagle 1 vox11!!!one!!1!!"
Beat Metal Gear Solid 3 a few weeks ago. Took me three days. That game was an amazing experience. I'm replaying it on hard mode now. Best gameplay of all the MGS games. However, the "gimmick" bosses are horrible, except for The End, and somewhat The Fear. I hated the voice overs too. Russians don't speak with Russian accents? Or is it suppose to be everyone is really speaking in Russian, but for the viewers pleasure its tranlated into english (hence the comment to Snake "You speak Russian pretty well" while no Russian was being spoken)? MGS2 had Russian accents, so I have no idea what they were trying to do here. And near the end of the game it seems they do everything to stretch the game out to be longer.

Besides those nitpicks, I still think its the best Solid game. They upped the speed and action. And the whole way through the game, I had no idea where it was going to go next.

I need to finally buy Tales of Symphonia, since I played a ways through it when renting it. Tales made me like RPGs again.
You know what I would like to see this thread turn into is a proper game review column.
Like they do in the mags and online places, but with us (AT'ers) giving them.
"Games reviewed by AT'ers, FOR At'ers."
It'd be great to see some games not really talked about here already, like WoW or FFXI (or PSO beigelaugh.gif ). Games like, Baten Katos, for example.
If I wasn't about to eat dinner, I'd write one myself right now.

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