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Very soon we are going to start up AT's WoW Guild. I want to really utilize this, and have it set up like a real guild should be. One of the first things I want to do is to make sure that our Professions befit the guild. Let's say someone needs a certain item/weapon. Why look further than our own guild? We can back each other up this way, and this would bring us more together as a guild.

Soon we will organize a meeting for everyone to sign the Guild Charter. Mute has offered his services as Paladin to escort anyone to the designated meeting spot, probably Ironforge or Stormwind. This guild will be for Alliance characters only. Maybe down the line we can have a Horde guild as well, but for now Alliance only. I know we may have some Horde players, but maybe they could create an Alliance character to help us fill out the roster.

Let's do this right.

I made a VM/AT master list over at VM.

I like the last one as well, looks really cool and should coordinate nicely with most everything.

QUOTE (Wiruu @ Dec 9 2004, 11:16 AM)
looks like i need to make an alliance character, any preference as to what the guild might need?

It doesn't seem as if this is a really class dependant game, so I say just choose what seems fun. Hopefully before too long we can get in on some horde action as well.
thats good to know, but if down the road there IS something we may need, let me know ;)
all the going-ons in this game look like alot of fun, i am quite tempted to play it.
Lead the horde woe!
haha woe would be perfect to lead a horde team.. c'mon woe you know you wanna play.
me too, i think im gonna get this game for X-mas, FFXI seems so dead lately cry2.gif
I'm starting to feel the same way about FFXI. Its still fun for me, but with the high priced items and the economy (I haven't seen too much of a change yet but its still too soon), I'm not sure if I'll stay on it when I get WoW. I'll use the first free month when I get it for Xmas to make my decision on whether I'll play both or not. *Edit* What are the races of alliance players? I already know I want a night elf and/or a human but having an undead character looks fun as well.
QUOTE (Azrael @ Dec 10 2004, 09:05 PM)
What are the races of alliance players?

Human, Dwarf, Night Elf and Gnome

Check this out:
Mind if I join up? *grin*
I got this game up and running over at my friends house the other night.
Zio, Night Elf, Hunter. sniperer.gif
hahah, i would be undead or tauren for sure.
woe, i'm STILL only lvl 5 undead, you, shinobia, and i can rule the undercity! >:D

(as for my lvl, wanting to upgrade my equipment before i go to crazy IG)
I'd be interested in making a character on the AT server. What you guys looking for as far as class and professions go ? I like all of them. beigesmile.gif
i heard a rumor that they were going to allow character transfer from one server to another, if this happens i'll probably move my night elf rogue from server Gilneas to Stormrage havent been on stormrage much at all cause i love my rogue..if they dont ..i'm probably going to delete Lunora and make a new night elf on stormrage using the name Ellianna on there too so someone hook me up with an invite beigelaugh.gif
Who do I talk to about joining the guild?
QUOTE (Scan_Man @ Dec 21 2004, 04:26 AM)
Who do I talk to about joining the guild?

I would assume either Dive or Bryn.
QUOTE (Scan_Man @ Dec 21 2004, 04:26 AM)
Who do I talk to about joining the guild?

I added you to Friends, when I see you online, I will send a Guild Invite.

Frosty and Nimrod, if you still want in, hook us up with your character info.
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