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Full Version: Dear Santa!
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If you could deliver all of the AT gurls and leave them under my tree, that would be splendiferous ;D

Edit: And for my gentleman friends, perhaps a shot of whisky and a cigar eh? ;)
Socks, undies, shirts, games, my girl.

Especially #5.
I asked for a bunch of Green Arrow comics, Green Arrow is awesome.

I would have them already, but my mom hates it when I don't give her a list of stuff to get for me. Usually I just buy whatever I want, I ain't a materialistic person, so I don't want much.
A new bass guitar and some DS games.
more liquor, more eggnog and a pair of pants.
I'll be in San fran over christmas, anyone want anything?
I want all my bills paid off cry2.gif
Basically, I just want some money =)
... I want someone to cuddle up with next to a fire and love on!

In short, I'd *really* like a siamese kitten.
Vitamin D
Alicia Keys...yeah that'll cover everything.
Thermal underwear.
Oddies da Nerfed
a stick!
a stick+5!
I'd be content with my damn debit card coming in.
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