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Full Version: MH: Rank Up!
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Random Wiruu Ranting. Event idea Below

Alright, so i've been rank 12 for weeks now because of one quest: Powderstone. When that is done, i can fight lao, but unfortunetly, every groupd i've tried it with fails horribly.

I think this can be done with relative ease after i realized area 7, 6, and 4 can all be completely cleared. Then you can take 4 > 2 and then bring in the remaining powderstones with ease.

Everyone says gravios doesn't need to be killed because hes easy to dodge, he is, his heat ray is not ;)

I know Alleron also has powderstone left, if he can finish that as well, its Lao time ;)

Main Event!

But anyways, thats only if your willing to help. Otherwise, Vit_d and i have noticed a lack of AT players in MH, my guess, it could just be no ones ever on at the same time. So my plan is hopes to get a clash of MH AT'ers to play at the same time, to get things done, and to just have some guild hunting fun :D

If your down for this, just say so! Post your rank, and your class type, we could make this a real fun event :D

P.S. I dont have permission to post a new topic in the MH forums, so i just posted it here.
I am game for anything(I also need sootstone done =/). WOW seems to be taking up alot of my time but just say so and shall be there.

Rank 11, Greatsword
Well ever since I've had Monster Hunter I've only seen you guys once. =/ Maybe you should give me a date on which I can help you on. I have this quest done so I can help if you need it.

-Rank 15, any weapon
Get Zio to help you. He's the powderstone master, or at least he was when we had to do it.

I would help out but my connection is screwed up at the moment. =(
QUOTE (SaitoH @ Dec 6 2004, 08:03 AM)
Get Zio to help you. He's the powderstone master, or at least he was when we had to do it.


Heh, I havn't done powderstone in forever. All you really have to do is clear a few of the areas and get a couple people to keep the bullfangos busy in the one area where they keep appearing. I might start playing again when I finish up some games but Monster Hunter is starting to lose interest in me. beigesleep.gif
i figured out a route where you can avoid bullfango completely, area 7 > 6 > 4 > 2

the only area that has things keep respawning is 2 beigesmile.gif

Aside from that, mega juice and a decoy and it can be done quickly ;D

but its good to see some of you showing interest :D
Vitamin D
Well I'm down to help. I completed it with Ayre, Mute, and DJ, so I lucked out beigebigrazz.gif. Gravios is a huge pain... I completed the Lao Shan quest with their help too. (albeit a very glitchy completion *cough*) Ill help you out on Powderstone, simply because I know how hellish it can be, I've failed a good 4 times total haha. Seeing how this is my finals week though, my playtime's gonna be shot. I'll work something out though. shades.gif
Mone more bump for the night before to see if anyone else wants in ;)
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