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Full Version: I'm not dead!
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I'm just tee-totally freakin' swamped with school work right now.

=> My final project... my huge, enormous, time-consuming, complete pain-in-the-ass final digital design project... is due tomorrow evening. I'm almost done! ^-^;;

=> Final exams begin this Friday. o.O

=> Graduation (and the visiting relatives that come with it) is on May 10th. O.o;

So, uh... yeah... I'll see you guys in a week or so. x.x

P.S. I'll probably pop on for a while Wednesday or Thursday to check out the new quest before hitting to books to get ready for my finals. =D
good luck in all your schoolastic endevors, Rinn beigesmile.gif we'll all be here when your done.
Life does get in the way of pso sometimes beigelaugh.gif

See ya soon Rinn king.gif

Best of luck to you Rinn. May you get straight A's. beigesmile.gif
He,he...I was beginning to wonder if you'd been abducted by Ninjas. beigelaugh.gif

Best of luck with the finals, and congrats on graduation! buttrock.gif

Argh! pirate.gif It's my finals week as well. Lucky for me, I only have one final to take (Accounting -_-;; ). Anyhow, good luck on your tests, 'Rinn. We'll do some quality Ultimate runs when you return. beigebiggrin.gif And...ummm... I'll look for you on Wednesday. beigebigrazz.gif
Best of luck, 'Rinn.

Look out for those ninjas... >.>

pirate.gif skullcross.gif
Cool, too bad I haven't ever played with you guys. Would be cool to run into you guys, but i doubt that will be anytime soon since... .... ... I was curropted, Also it almost final week for me too. cry2.gif O well, guess its time to beat Zelda or shinobi ahh yes SHINOBI *Ninja Vanish*
Good luck on your finals, Rinn. Mine are all next week, but somehow I don't think I'll be putting off PSO for them...but that's just my bad study habits beigebiggrin.gif
Finals for me are next week so i still have another week to savor
One down, two to go. I'm going to watch X-Men with my friends tonight around 10pm est, but I'll probably be on before and after that. =D My next exam is not until Tuesday, so I'll be playing all this weekend too.
If I can pull myself from Super Robot Wars Alpha Gaiden, (a friend of mine, from DreamStation no less, got me into the series) I'll be there.
Wooooo hooooooo!!!!

I am D - O - N - E done!!

I finished the last exam around noon today. =D Now all that's left is my graduation ceremony on Saturday morning. \^-^/

I'm working on a major revision to my adapter code, which is almost ready. Other than that, it's time to kick back and play some PSO. buttrock.gif

See you online!
Glad to hear it Rinn king.gif

I'll cya online!
Just a little heads-up... I have to disappear again for another day or two. The family is coming down tomorrow for my graduation ceremony on Satruday. Somehow I doubt they would be all that interested in watching me play PSO all night. ;p

I'll see you all Sunday! =D (ok, probably late Saturday night. ;D)
beigelaugh.gif i really need to check the board more often... well congrats on getting your finals done rinn and have fun at your graduation toast.gif toast.gif toast.gif buttrock.gif
QUOTE (Layrinn @ May 9 2003, 01:58 AM)
I'll see you all Sunday! =D (ok, probably late Saturday night. ;D)

I'll try to make it on and meet up with ya. However, Saturday nights are usually not good for me. I'll be on during the early evening if you can get away from the folks early. beigebigrazz.gif
Wooooo hooo!

That's it! Done - and - done!

After two grueling hours in the sweltering hot unairconditioned Cassell Coliseum, they finally marched us up on stage and one by one and handed us our diploma. Yay! I'm now offically smert! ;p

What an exhausting day, though. x.x It was fun and exciting and all... and it was good to see my family... but I am really glad to finally have some peace and quiet.

Hehe. Now I need sleep... lots and lots of sleep.

See ya online! (tomorrow! ^.~)

Now you gotta go find a job and a new webhost. I can help with the latter if you haven't got one lined up already.
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