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Full Version: Ahhh, so...
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Scion = Claymore! I was confused there for a bit. >_>;; I honestly thought you were two seperate people. Then I realized something was strange due to the fact that all of Scion's posts seemed to disappear. Well, I got smart and looked in Claymore's signature and I found the answer to my problem! Sorry... just thought I'd clear up any confusion for any other new members. ^_^;;
lol, I still call him IVI more often than not.
So he switched names or what? im confused...
beigelaugh.gif LOL

i just changed my username (fringe benefits) i do it occasionaly depending on my mood and what have you.

to make it easy, everyone just call me clay! no more ivi Rogue! cry2.gif
lol, Okay, I'll get used to calling you Clay...


I will still call you IVI forever, man. Can't change it no matter what! beigelaugh.gif
Hehe... why ya gotta go confusin' people like that, Iv... I mean Clay? beigelaugh.gif

I just refer to people as their character's name most of the time... it makes it easier both sides to do the whole RP thing. So one moment he may be "Clay" and the next "Schai". Every so often it gets a little confusing, like if someone brings out an obscure alt... but for the most part, I think we all know each other well enough to know who's who.
Who are you?
good question
QUOTE (Crushinator @ May 5 2003, 12:05 AM)
I will still call you IVI forever, man.  Can't change it no matter what! beigelaugh.gif

Who teh heck is IVI? Im lost
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