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Full Version: Problems logging in
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I have been experiencing a problem with logging in with the past few days. At first when I typed my name and password in that I might have typed it in wrong. But now it seems that I type in my username and password in 3 times and everytime on the third time I get logged in. Just wondering if it's just me or everyone?
Does it just give you a wrong username/password error or something else?

I'll look into this, and anyone else let me know if you experience log in problems.
It doesn't give me anything. It just keeps going back to the main page over and over again.
Ok, so I have figured out it takes me three times to log in this page and it only takes me one time to log into this page. This seems to be doing the same thing with every computer I have been on so far (2 here at school, 1 at home, and 1 at my friends house). I can't really imagine how this isn't effecting anyone else. =/
I've actually have had, this happen to me but I figure thats its only because sometimes I type AC9breaker instead of AC9Breaker for my screen name. Or maybe just messing up typing in my password. Anyway, I didn't feel it warrented making a fuss about since it seems like a pretty superficial error that could be on my part.
i have had this happen as well and it will say i need to register before i can log in
I have not had a problem...but I leave my PC logged in...
Sometimes the browser's cache might get confused with this?
If you clear your broser's cache it could help...but I have not had this problem.
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