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I have a few things I like to amass in large quanitities. I have been collecting and reading comics for as long as I can remember. I am interested in mostly the superhero genre but I also enjoy Horror and Sci-Fi titles. Movies are another thing I must have. I prefer DVD's but if I cant' find it I will get the VHS version. A few things are hard to get or find on DVD so I end up buying it on tape. I can't forget to mention music. I have quite a collection of CD's I have acquired through the years, most from my short lived DJ career. Bargain bins are a treasure trove of $2 CD's. I also purchase action figures and models on occasion but rarely put them together due to time constraints.

Oh yea must not forget the collection of ...umm classic cars sitting in my driveway beigelaugh.gif don't give me that look Bryn evilking.gif
I like collecting VHS's of old films my self, my favorites are Terminator 1&2, Predator 1&2, The Indiana Jones, Star Wars, Rambo, Robocop, TMNT, and Alien trilogies, basically all the good ol' action films from back then. Can't forget my comedies either, Cadillac Man, Holy Grail, House Party, Revenge of the Nerds, Beverly Hills Cop, etc. (those are all the ones I can name off the top of my head, I have like 200 damn tapes sitting in a box somewhere) I wish I could get the DVD's of those films, so I can record sound clips, and get screen caps off my comps player, but that's gonna cost a nice hunk of dough to replace my tapes. bash.gif (fear my 3 DVD's)

That's about it, I collect a whole lot of other stuff as well, but my tape collection stands out... as well as the closet full of various magazines I collected over a span of 9 years, which would make you tremble just looking at the stacks looming over you.... yes OVER you. skullcross.gif

I like to collect PEZ dispensers. I would probably give my left nut for the Doraemon pez that is my avatar.
Well I collect anime on DVD but, only the ones that intruige me or ones that I have seen when I was younger still, I have a pretty large collection. Currently Im collecting "GTO =great teacher Onizuka" this is a really good title with some great J-rock music. I would recomend this title to any anime lover or to someone who is looking for something good to watch. One that I would really like to own is M.D. GEIST the first one hard to find on DVD also I really havent searched much for it. I have kept my favorite game like FF Tactics and FF7. Then there is my CD collection which is mind boggling and is pretty varid too. luna.gif
GTO is totally awesome and sweet, but MD Geist has gotta be one of the worst shows I've ever seen.
Well the sequal to" M.D.geist the death force " Is crappier than an al rappy not dropping a rare on vhard, but the first one is really cool, the story is kinda of a morose forboding evil type of story. Sort of like the "fist of the north star" post apocaliptic future buttrock.gif execpt, that anime ended with a cliffhanger ending,beigemad.gif The animation on this one was really solid, much better then the "death force" one. To me that sequal was a piece of garbage and should never have had the title M.D.Geist
But it seems as though as you like some anime. Any ones you would recommend to me, also don't think of me as a geek but, where is doraemon from?
I collect the dog tags of scrubs across ragol, and wear them around my neck as a trophey beigebiggrin.gif

of coarse the only way i remove them from the scrubs is decapitation!, gotta get those big heads out of the way.

Sgt. has great taste in movies. buttrock.gif

I collect some toys (have tons of Star Trek and lots of misc. stuff including most of the old Tick series figures), comics (mainly Vertigo titles). But, its mainly books. Endless stacks of books. I love digging through junk stores and old book sales, looking for something rare or out of print that I could never possibly afford on E-Bay. beigesmile.gif
I collect beer/wine/liquor bottles.
QUOTE (AC9breaker @ May 2 2003, 08:16 PM)

But it seems as though as you like some anime. Any ones you would recommend to me, also don't think of me as a geek but, where is doraemon from?

If you like post-apocalyptic settings, I would totally recommend "Now and then, Here and There". It's one of the most enthralling animes I've ever seen, and only 13 eps, so its not a "huge commitment" if you're on a limited budget or whatever. I'm also really into Berserk , His and Her Circumstances, and Fist of the North Star TV series' lately. I'm not really heavy into anime, so I'm not up to date on the hottest new shows, but I know what I like!

Doraemon is a really old anime/manga from the 70's or so. He's a robotic cat from the future that is sent back in time to help out this poor kid who lives a downtrodden life. They go on all kinds of crazy adventures, and it's a really light-hearted kids show. Doraemon is my Ninja/DDR name, so thats why I use the avatar and sig.

I collect Transformers, from past and present, my most note worthy figure is an origional G1 Jetfire, Skyfire in the cartoon, and it is a super vf-1s from macross in vehicle form. I also collect the random robot figure as well, such as the Evagelion and others
I have a mess load of comics. Alot of the orginal #1 image comics. I don't really read them, just a sort of investment for the future. I am not much of a collector of anything.
I have a collection of beer/liquor bottles.
QUOTE (DarkEpyon @ Jun 27 2003, 02:22 PM)
I have a collection of beer/liquor bottles.

QUOTE (DarkEpyon @ May 3 2003, 12:00 PM)
I collect beer/wine/liquor bottles.

You said that twice wassup.gif
I have quite a collection of Sonic and co. figures.
Now, I amlooking for the ever elusive Shadow that came out a few months ago, but I can never find it in any stores. I might just have to purchase it online.
I would say I have about 30 or so now and it's still growing.

"Ready to roll champ? Let's GO!"
*ponders* dunno if this counts as a collection, but i keep a vast array of avatars in my ibook (60x60 : 100x100 : 100x150 - new) that i weave with photoshop from favored images collected from surfing the web or scans.. ^.- also, i collect archaic information (books to digital media) - anything dealing with the occult (ancient lore, advanced technologies & radical sciences are specialties); though, the former being more hobby than passion.. =}
At one point in time...too dang long ago when i was a lot younger I used to collect the MTG game cards, although that game is pretty lame to me now, but heh, I still have two 3" binders full of cards. Other than that I like collecting Star Trek wallpaper for my computer. I am always looking for more wallpaper for my computer. I almost have a full set of the Star Trek movies that I like to watch from time to time. Just got Nemesis, which is nice. and Wrath of Khan Director's Cut.
Ah..I also used to play and collect MTG cards. And I also enjoy Star Trek alot too. Deep Space Nine is my favorite of the series.

Yes, go Trekkies! buttrock.gif
Um, I have almost every Transformer ever made from 1984-1999. -.-;;;

Can we say obsessed? beigebigrazz.gif

I'm heavy into the new He-Man stuff. I just picked up Whiplash yesterday and he's too beautiful. I also collect CDs by my favorite bands. I have way too many singles from Tori Amos, Bjork, and Garbage. ^^;

Angel of Enders
I'm into Angelic stuff hence my user name. Since I won't be living on my own for another year or two, I can't collect portraits or whatever so whenever I come accross a picture that I like on the internet, I save it onto my Angel folder.
When it comes to real life, I used to collect comic books and sports cards back when I was around 14-15 or so. Over time, that collection has become quite large. I got boxes of the things stored in the closet of my parent's guest bedroom. O_o I haven't purchased a pack of cards or a comic in some time now. The darn things just kept getting more and more expensive... and I suppose my interests started swaying around this time as well. I also briefly collected coins and stamps, but I never really got serious with that.

Other than that, on my PC I collect high quality PSO Images (especially those of Rico) as well as Anime and Gaming Wallpapers. I also have a hearty collection of about 400 mp3s as well as a few dozen video game midis. It's really amazing how much of a PC pack rat I've become. Whenever I go to clean up my files, it usually takes me quite some time. >_>;;
I guess you could add that I collect quite a large number of music from RPG games myself as MP3 files.

I especially like the Squaresoft RPG games such as Final Fantasy (to a point), and Chrono Trigger.

I have also begun getting PSO MP3s, hey, who wouldn't?

Basically any game with a good beat I try to find the soundtrack for. I have imported a number of soundtracks (the actual CDs) for FF4, FF6, FF7, Chrono Trigger, PSO, and a few others I don't remember.
QUOTE (Angel of Enders @ Jul 8 2003, 03:22 PM)
I'm into Angelic stuff hence my user name. Since I won't be living on my own for another year or two, I can't collect portraits or whatever so whenever I come accross a picture that I like on the internet, I save it onto my Angel folder.

That's really cool, and on the heels of your comment, I just have to ask you if you have ever seen a full size jpg/gif whatever of a particular MTG poster, it came with a "Beatdown" box set -- One of a gorgeous seraphim. I've been hunting it for awhile, and everytime I locate a thumbnail, the link is broken >_<

As for me? I collect Stephen King books, Legend of Zelda stuff, um, frogs, lol...Yeah. All in all, I'm a bloody pack rat. And Retehi does have good taste in movies beigebiggrin.gif
**blows dust off topic**

Let's see here....

Like Knightsword and my bro, I too also collect Transformers, though I haven't bought much of anything since Beast Wars ended. The new Unicron toy coming out soon looks sweet as hell, but it's NOTHING compared to the unreleased Japanese Beast Wars Neo model they finished a few years back. Now THAT was a planet Transformer.

I guess the proudest(?) part of my collection is the fact that I have every single U.S. toy from 1984-1990 Mint Sealed in the Box Complete, save for a few rather insanely rare Gestalt Gift Sets. toast.gif:

It took me over 10 years to find and recollect all of them in this condition, and the purpose of it all was to reclaim a piece of my youth that I enjoyed immensely. You know, I had the atypical parents who threw out/sold most of my stuff from when I was a kid. Oh, and I've opened most of them now, lol.... beigebiggrin.gif

As for other, I couldn't afford it, lol.

Though I am heavily into the new MOTU line for it's awesome sculpting of classic characters and the promise of old favorites making their way into toy form for the first time since the original show's air dates in 1983 and onward.

....and a few years ago I managed to scrape together a sizable chunk of chotchke related to one of my favorite games of all time - Cyberbots. I have the original marquee, an arcade poster, a few art books and some stickers/cards relating to the game.

--If anyone wants me to post some pics of the Transformers, let me know....I need to clean the display up anyway heh heh.
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