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Full Version: How's the AI on the computer?
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How's the AI on the computer mobs?

I wanted to put this on my x-mas list but heard that the game was bad due to the monsters AI (such as the monsters jumping over you and you slowly turning to reattack it) and some other stuff.

and is online free or is there a fee?
hmm......the AI raises with each different monster, and it all depends on what your fighing. Every boss type (wyverns usually) will fight normally, if you deal a lot of damage at once or cut off their tail, they'll get real pissed and start fighting faster and using new moves.

Once a wyvern is low on health, it will try to retreat. In terms of traps and such, usually they're pretty easy to get in a trap. over all i'd say the AI is about on that mid-line, because some of the mobs are just stupid, but others are pretty crafty beigesmile.gif
Vitamin D
Yeah it depends on what you're fighting. The preys sometimes are pathetic, but sometimes they can give you a run for your money on higher difficulties. Bullfangos pretty much always hit their mark, and you'll learn to hate them. beigelaugh.gif And Im sure there are few who would complain about the ruthless AI of the wyverns, the boss fights are pretty damn challenging, and you wont be killing them in a matter of seconds like in PSO haha. Either way, I'd recommend giving it a try, I'm sure you'll enjoy it. Oh, and it's free to play online.
well got it for x-mas, game is perty fun. Just hurting to get money and gear right now lol.

But money got better when I went online with it pirate.gif
I may have to jump on Monster Hunter again sometime if I ever get around to it. I just got kinda bummed for awhile cuz not that many people got it and I would always be on when everyone else wasn't.
Vitamin D
I'm on virtually every night, so it wont be hard to find me. I get on fairly late though, but tonight's different. Couple of my friends are gonna help me HR up to 17. Then i'll be back to the old routine haha. So find me and we'll throw down. shades.gif
I'm closing in on HR3 (woot!)

I still haven't managed to take down a Giant Dragon thingy though, although I think I came close when i fought that chicken one
I go on when i can, so you'll se me here and there beigesmile.gif
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