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Full Version: Breaking the language barrier in WoW
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Was really bored this morning, and saw some orc dude, and said |-|1 to him, and he said |-|1 back, which led me to discovering that 1337 isn't just for AOLers anymore! <- That's the translator I ended up using (God, I can't think this early in the morning, let alone speak gibberish, really), and heres the conversation I had with Grimfield, a level 46 Horde Orc hunter:

user posted image

So, that being said, the next time you get the chance, say |-|1 to some random horde guy, and see if he says |-|1 back!
Thats deep man.
QUOTE (Wiruu @ Dec 29 2004, 11:24 AM)
Thats deep man.

Oh, I know! At least I can put my years of AOL knowledge to use, finally.
So did the Orc proceed to slaughter you after the little conversation? beigebigrazz.gif
That's pretty cool,especially if you want to roleplay...i use to play Underlight and the "Nightmare" as they called them in the game(Bosses that where controlled by GM's if you like) use to speak a special language like that and some people would decipher and try to learn the language so they could communicate with the "soul" that was left after we had killed the Nightmare...
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