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Full Version: Happy New Year!
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Hey everyone, HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!
Here's to a great 2005. AT style.
Happy New Year to all, don't get to wasted so ya don't end spending the first over a toilet beigelaugh.gif toast.gif
Happy New Year everybody.!!!!!!!!! buttrock.gif guitarist.gif guitarist.gif king.gif toast.gif toast.gif
Happy New Year! toast.gif toast.gif toast.gif toast.gif toast.gif
Well, i'm not at the toilet yet, and i've no plans to be there, heres to a happy new year and a great group of people whom i call friends! :D

*heavily buzzed atm, please excuse the msg* ;D
2004 is no more, and here comes 2005.

It feels like just last week we were doing this for '04.

Goals for the coming year:
Graduate college and go onto UCF
Buy more games (duh)
Make it to the one year mark with my girlfriend (we're half-way there already)

Happy new year, AT! at-emote1.gif
Happy New years everyone, time for me to go get drunk, and ring in the new year Sin City style!

*Goes to climb a stop light in his boxers*
Happy 2005 in T-5 minutes!
Happy New Year!! toast.gif
Happeh New Year Apocalypse Tribe :3
Happy year of the CAWK.

user posted image
I wonder if this is officially the most belated post at the forum. Happy New Year, everyone. Sorry, I've been busy beigedead.gif
Not if you're Ukrainian....they just had their new year this weekend!

Did not know that...

And China has theirs in.... April? I forget.
QUOTE (DarkEpyon @ Jan 18 2005, 03:19 PM)
Did not know that...

And China has theirs in.... April? I forget.

Chinese New Years is in February this year. Hopefully I get some lucky money this time buttrock.gif
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