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I already posted this at the other forums that I go to so I'll just copy and paste it.

Well I had about 20 minutes this morning before I had to go to school and I saw PSO Plus in the store the other day for $30 and I just had to buy it. bash.gif bash.gif bash.gif bash.gif bash.gif And this morning I thought I would jump on it just for the hell of it. There was a whopping 20 people on all the U.S. servers combined this morning. I was pretty suprised to see Sil on so early. Although the JP servers did have about 550 people. >_> I actually kinda thought about playing the next few days to get from 175 to 178 (1 level after I corrupted with Zio before) and then finally cancelling my HL. I will probably have fun with PSO Plus having Zuo running through a ton of tower quests just for fun.

Good job PSO! You kept me busy for over 2 years, wasting well over 3,000 hours of my time. spinning.gif
Blue Burst, eh? I think my brain is overloaded on PSO. I heard the spawn rates are insane, the way PSO should of always been.

I wouldn't be surprised if I squeezed out many thousands of hours on PSO. When I think back about it, that's a sick amount of time. But then again, I can't deny the good times and quality gameplay(well, sometimes it's quality).
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