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Full Version: Resident Evilllll... 4!!
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EBgames called me and I went out there to pick it up with the quickness. I don't know if you had to reserve it or not but mine came with a "The Making of Resident Evil 4" DVD. Yes, DVD.
I didn't get into much of it since I kept dying at the village. The enemies are smarter than your smartest zombie. These guys really gang up on your ass. Graphics are without a doubt superb. Controls are meh. It's odd since they use the same control scheme from previous games. But you can shoot with precision at least. So far the voice work is ok. Nothing too cheesy yet.
More later.
Excellent game indeed DJ beigesmile.gif

Graphics indeed are unsurpassed, Sound is great, and like said, since they AI is smarter there is-no-escape. They communicate now, they run, they throw weapons, break stuff, but most importantly, they dont die!

I myself can'twait to get my hands on this game.
Vitamin D
Game's gettin good reviews so far. I'mma pick it up tommorow and get some good play time in. shades.gif
Man I keep getting my ass whipped upon entering the village. I ran into this guy with a chainsaw... He sawed my head off.. literally!
I'm going to pick this up tomorrow if at all possible.
awesome! AWESOME!
The only problem is that I am pretty bad at RE games. I love them, I'm just not very good at them. With you guys saying how hard it is so far (right off the bat) I can only imagine that I am going to spend more time dead than alive. :D

The chainsaw guy, is he the one with the potato sack over his head? I thought he was like a mini boss or something, but you've already gotten to him!!!

How have you found the new "action button" to be working out? In the demo I played it seemed to do just fine. Although my use of it was just to jump out of a simple window. Hardly suspensful and I wasn't running from anything.
I've heard this game is blowing reviewers away. I wanna get it, gotta wait a bit though. *weep*
RE 4 seems pretty cool but I don't think I am going to be able to play it for awhile with WoW and a few other games.
aww damn i didn't know it was out bash.gif fuckin'a why didnt anyone tell me cry2.gif
/em runs to the store to buy it
The game is getting some kickass reviews; It's been awhile since I played a RE game(code veronica). The first RE was my favorite, but the RE genre never attempted to truly evolve to the next level. It seems like this one is different and I'm actually considering to buy this one. My GC can use the excerise.
It's great...a little hard but frantic mostly although you have to be quick sometimes.The atmosphere is off the wall...the part where you are in that large area,with the wooden planks and staircase all over the place with crazy villagers coming from all side is some of the best action i have seen in a game in a long time...i was wondering at first why they gave you a whole bunch of ammo,especially for the regular handgun but now i know.

And once again,once you get a shotgun,it's damn fun hehe.
Upon diving deeper into the game:
Weapons are a blast to use. The shotgun is only the tip of the iceberg. I bought a sniper rifle and I had fun with that. The reloading animation is awesome in itself.
One cool addition: QTE. Now if you played Shenmue then you'll know what I'm talking about. These are thrown at you at the most unlikely parts of the game. The intro showed some QTE in a knife fight. So that should be interesting. If you don't know, it stands for Quick Timer Events. Basically you gotta press some buttons that flash on the screen. Do it too late and you die or whatever comes close.
Riel's right, the action is intense!!
I'll be playing this game for awhile....

EDIT: I forgot to mention... the buttons you have to press for the QTE's are a bit random. More fun for everyone!
QUOTE (HC82 @ Jan 12 2005, 03:53 PM)
The game is getting some kickass reviews; It's been awhile since I played a RE game(code veronica). The first RE was my favorite, but the RE genre never attempted to truly evolve to the next level. It seems like this one is different and I'm actually considering to buy this one. My GC can use the excerise.

Your GC is gonna get more than excersise out of this beigebiggrin.gif
Damn Best buy, they aren't selling this until tomorrow, and I wont get to play it until after tomorrow night's class. Could have went to ebgames but it was my brother's birthday and I had a night class. I'm really anxious to get my hands on this game thanks to the reviews and pictures I've seen.
Old thread - new life. beigesmile.gif
I picked this game up over the weekend. Holy shit! I kept dying over and over right at the first damn village. So many times that I had to put down the controller and go check out a hint book to see wtf I was doing wrong. Turns out that all of our previous RE training was no longer relevant. I guess we can no longer run and dodge enemies. We have to kill them! Sure, that's alot more gratifying than simply running away, but damn there sure were alot of those guys.. and right in the first damn stage too! I ran out of ammo and got trapped in a building. Good thing the knife actually does damage! That and the HUGE ASS round-house kick Leon does.
Just like DJ Donkey said before... I too became intimately aware of that @#$% head with the chainsaw... several times (too many in fact). Cool ass "cutting my damn head off" animations though.
So, I can already tell that this game is going to seriously kick my gamer skills. I can only hope that it's not going to tax them so much that it's no longer fun. hehehe... Odd thing - in all the previous RE games, they put in a skill lever adjuster. I always put it to "easy" because 1) I like the puzzle and exploring part a bit more than the combat and 2) I totally suck. I want to shoot everything and I always run out of ammo at the worst times. Not to mention, my health is always around the 25% mark. hahaa... But the new RE4 game doesn't have an "easy" mode. Guess I'm just screwed.
There's a Professional mode when you finish the game. You can say that the mode you're playing now is "easy".
Yeah. I can't even get past the part after Ashley had to go after the switches because the part before it (if I'm lucky enough) takes up all of my grenades and arrows.
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