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Full Version: Operation: Snowblind
Apocalypse Tribe HQ > Headquarters > The Apocalypse Bar
I am Gungrave serial number EX087GnmDEATH, I was built by the Federation miliraty in hopes of starting a new squad of elite Hucasts known as the Steel Corps. After 12 successful raids on rebels and overtaken colonies slaughtering countless enemies a programming error caused me to have a will of my own.Realizing the existence of a Hucast in the military was a soulless killing machine I headed off to become a mercenary. Still on the run from the Federation I stowed away on Pioneer 2 and have been constantly hunted.

"Damn, a patrol looks like I'll have to eliminate them." Gungrave's metallic voice echoed throughout the hallway. Gungrave was built as a stealth android, his body was not manufactured as most of the combat alligned Hucasts were his was sleak and black and noticeably smaller then other hucasts. He is as lethal as he is fast. "Halt you have been ordered to return to the Federation labs for reprogramming." the patrol leader said. "Hmph, fools you existence is tyranized and pointless and begginning to annoy me." Gungrave said as he lunged into the air and came down driving the edge of his dagger into the patrol leaders skull, noticing the other two in the patrol unit drawing their rifles Gungrave lunged at them and disemboweled them. Gungrave disposed of the bodies and headed out to look for a job in a band of mercenaries he heard something about at the Pioneer 2 bar. Upon coming into the complex he noticed sentry guns extended and lasers guiding their movements into his cpu. A few figures stepped out of the complex wielding heavy weaponry. "Halt intruder you have until the count of three to explain yourself or die." A large robotic looking figure stated. "I've no quarrel with any of you I'm merely here looking for some work if need be I'll join your band." Gungrave replied. Two of the figures gave each other a stare for a minute then nodded beckoning Gungrave to follow them into the complex.
Eclipse looked down the hall at the sight of dead bodies

"All to familar..."

It had been a while since that day so long ago, Eclipse wasnt sure if he was ready to head back to the Hell known as Ragol...
In recent times he had been thinking of his father, and that day so long ago...

"I have to do this, for him"

He heard nothing for a couple of minutes, staring off into space, untill a demanding yet questionative metallic voice called to him

"Meh, Mage you coming as well?"

"Well if it isnt my favorite HUcast...Wouldnt let you leave without me"

It had been a while since he had seen Gungrave, He knew Gungrave had been on they run from the Federation, and wondered

*pats Gungraves shoulder*

"You better be careful, you and I know both know the federation keeps tabs on these kinds of missons..."

"You need not to conser your self, mage, I can handle myself.."

It had been a while since Eclipse had been on the field of battle this would also be his first mission with the AT, but he had trained every so often, and his techniques were just as strong, if not stronger than they were before,
After all he is a Newman

*Turns to Claymore in hopes of joining the AT...*

"An hour to go ... I look forward to this mission, that is if you would take my presence"
*A blistering cold wind seared through the air surrounding what has become known as the Central Command Center*

*The mysterious RAmar, that made quite a mess at the pub, stands in the shadows of the immense dam overlooking Gal Da Val Islands. The character can be seen, keying into a foreign console upon the side of his shield unit. Words begin to scroll across the mini-screen of the console. They are in a Russian script but are translated for ease of reading.*


Agent Nikita we have provided you with instructions on hacking into the Cal system. We have been tipped off that there are secret files within the mainframe from a HUcaseal named Shinoba. Within these files, we believe are the coordinates to the facility. It is there in which Osto and many scientists researched the PCD. Keep on your guard, we're uncertain to the exact status of this facility. We will be paying...


*The character abruptly ends the transmission as he hears some sort of commotion atop the CCA. The character then proceeds to unhinge the mask which he had been wearing. Long blonde hair flows as the character shakes his head of hair out. The character gazes upward through his spectalces. But wait... this is no he... the RAmar is actually a RAmarl. And her alias, Nikita from the Sickle & Hammer organization. Nikita proceeds cautiously to the noise.*

*In the distance, Nikita makes out a vague figure, a FOmar of sorts*

*Suddenly, without much warning, a barrage of Photon blasts begin to strike the FOmar.*

*Nikita takes the defensive under a concealed area. In her thick Russian accent, she whispers to herself.*

"Goodness, that's got to be some sort of sabotage."

*After a few minutes of waiting, Nikita proceeds to the fallen figure. She approaches the FOmar and begins to think to herself.*

"This face is familiar... ah yes, the bartender! Hmmm, I cannot let him know of my existance, but his being here has compromised my position."

*Nikita pulls out what appears to be some sort of modified S-Berril cloak element and places it within the FOmar's armor. She then activates both her and his cloaking mechanisms. She does a quick scan of the FOmar and finds that his name is Harbinger, and he's very much involved in the Apolcalypse Tribe. She thinks to herself again.*

"How is it so? Our files indicate that Legion personally disbanded this group a while back. However, if Kaleshnikov is alive, I must seek him out... for the sake of what is owed to him."

*Nikita notices characters advancing on her position from her radar. She quickly tosses the FOmar onto her back and leaves the area, undetected. After making her way through the thick jungle she finds a teleporter, and places Harbinger within it. They'll take care of him on Pioneer 2. She assists the FOmar in telepiping, and gently places him against the wall outside the medical facility. She then removes the cloaking device and immediately darts away.*


Who IS this Agent Nikita? How does she have such intricate equipment? Who is she working for? What exactly is her mission?

Claymore ponders these questions, as his computers intercept the transmission that was seen above...
He had seen the whole thing, His fist clenching to his Hildebear Cane, In anger, confusion, and desperation all at the same time...He knew he had seen that equipment somewhere....

"That equipment...Thats...No it cant be...Sure they keep tabs on these kinds of missions, but since when did the send in agents? And if shes not an angent...Then how did...She get Federation Equipment?."

Eclipse knew this could turn dangerous, with the Federation somehow involved in the mission, things could get bad fast...He had to act quickly..

"Ill find out who this Nikita is, and see what she knows about the federation..."

Was the Federation really planning to involve themselves in this mission? The last time they did...It was...devistating...

Suddenly a Metallic Voice rang in his ear

*Chuciz* "Eclipse? Eclipse! Are you their?"*Chuciz*

A bit Startled, he replied...

*Chuciz*"Yes Claymore, Im here, what is it?"*Chuciz*

*Chuciz*"My DataReceptors have picked up somewhat of an unusual event around you position...We are heading your way now... Procced to follow Nikta if you can, we will catch up."*Chuciz*

*Chuciz*Claymore, I believe Harbinger was attacked by federation soldiers, something seems off about this mission*Chuciz*

*Chuciz*The Federation isnt suppost to be involved in this, besides rarely do they ever deal with missions such as these..*Chuciz*

*Chuciz*Still im suspicious of Nikta...Ill report back to, Im following their path now. Over and Out.*Chuciz*

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