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Fans of Phillip K. Dick's work, and his novels that made it to the big screen like Blade Runner, Total Recall, and Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, will be pleased to know that production is underway on A Scanner Darkly. Phillip K. Dick is the master of cerebral storytelling, focusing on the mysteries of who we are and the limits of perceived reality.

The movie is employing computer assisted Rotoscoping, basically animation over live footage, much like the director, Peter Linklater's earlier film, Waking Life.

user posted image

user posted image

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The production company is also in the process of seeking artists based in the Austin, TX area to work on the film. They want people who are skilled in line drawing and experienced with Flash programming.

A Scanner Darkly production job openings in Austin
All I can say is thank the stars that Keanu is in it. Damn! That guy can act! Man!!! bash.gif

Austin is fast becoming a movie town. I heard, just last night, that almost as many movies were shot here last year as were in New York.

Hrm... I wonder if they need any green, boxy robots? Cause I got loads of them!

Seriously though... If they can pull it off, this should be super cool.
I'm a big fan of Dick's works. Valis was a great read. I can't wait. And the look of the film is interesting.
If I recall correctly, Total Recall was the movie with Arnold Scharzenegger?
and I wanted to see Eternal Sunshine on the spotless mind when it came out but, never got the chance. I never knew those where based off books and from the same Author. I'd like to look into this.

I have seen Waking Life and it was a pretty heavy movie. The style in which it was presented help to convey some of the ideas I think but the content of the movie was just so overwhelming I don't think I was able to grasp the whole thing. Only bits and parts of it. but this looks like it would be a good deal. (O^-')>
You also have Minority Report and Paycheck too that he wrote as short stories. As you know they made them into movies too.

One thing about Dick though, is a lot of his works like A Scanner Darkly are a bit trippy. Its hard to figure out what actually is based on the man's life or is just fiction.

Eternal Sunshine is not a work of Dick. A lot of the themes and ideas are similar to something Dick would write.
QUOTE (Scan_Man @ Feb 2 2005, 01:03 PM)
Eternal Sunshine is not a work of Dick. A lot of the themes and ideas are similar to something Dick would write.

Wow good call I was sure this was a Dick story in some form.

Check out this game based on Ubik from 1998, no screenshots to view though but looks interesting and hard to find.
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