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Full Version: Video Game Crash
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A satirical but insightful look at an upcoming video game "crash".

The author of this piece of humor hints at an upcoming crash of the video game industry. Citing such points as the "original gamers" are growing beyond the age of the intended audience, and that the technology has plateaued to the point where games just are not getting any better. He also notes the videogame industry's attempts at cinematic gaming, but failing miserably when at the climax of the movie like storyline, the mood is killed when the player must redo and retry the final boss/level countless times.

An interesting and funny article.
And the last one was over 20 years ago.
Games crashed for me 2 years ago.

It's all about bargain bin baby. pirate.gif
ouch. beigesmile.gif

Damn, my sweater vest needs washing.
Wow that was a great read, pretty funny. I guess that was the reason why I was never so hyped about GTA4. Although hearing everyone talk about it made me wanna get it. mario.gif <--(Great new smileys btw)

Although I would interject that games use a different form of entertainment then films. I agree with what he said that games where being presented in a movie format which I think is wrong. I think the rest of the community agrees. Example Xenosaga.

Games seem to work best when paired with the Novel storytelling approach. Example Xenogears. However I found both to be lacking. One was just plain awkward while the other one required to much reading causing me to sleep throughout the game so much that I missed out on the plot of the story and didnt even know what to do.

I feel that the key is in a balance. Games such as Metal Gear Solid: Snake Eater and Resident Evil 4 have really accomplished this well.
I think what we are witnessing is the result of the whore we have come to know and love as capitalism its a double edge sword. luna.gif
gamers of today range from 3-50, sometimes more. Kids are a key factor to keeping the industry alive i believe, they'll buy any game with a familiar character and they'll play anything. Video games crashing? yah right O.o i dont think i'll be seeing a child pick up a hoola-hoop over a console controller anytime soon. ninja2.gif
Games have actually been increasing in popularity and are continuing to grow. Assuming we take his argument into consideration as being factual(even though it is semi-joking), as times passes, new people come in and the old go to dust and the cycle continues. Thus, those who lose interest in gaming will be replaced by those who gain interest in gaming. Technically, if we use his logic, then the gaming market can never diminish, but instead, will never grow beyond a certain point.

He's failing to take into account the possibility of creativity and orginality which will better the market. Look at how gaming has advanced from pac-man. I actually feel the improved technology can improve gameplay, but it's just a matter of creativity. Although, I do feel that the game industry is severly stunted with rehashed games, which have better graphics(his FPS example is golden and primarily why I barely play any FPS). The rehashing is why I buy a lot less games now then I did in the past, but the games I do buy/rent are generally from the game developers who deliver time and time again.
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